Bayara Tshakia

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Played by jenmeme

Bayarrma "Bay" "Bayara" Tshakia
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What do you mean I have to sleep here?!?!
Race Tuigan
Gender Female
Age 23
Height 5'10"
Weight 150lbs
Hair Long, black, and kept pulled back
Eyes Chestnut
Alignment Lawful Evil
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Classes Secret
Affiliations And Titles Church of Bane
Former Affiliations And Titles None
Current Residence Skull Crags: Sandy Beach
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Religion Banite
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Status Alive
Player jenmeme


Bay was born in the Hordelands, and moved with her parents before she was able to even walk. She grew up outside of Thay, in the town of Phent. On her twentieth year she left and set out on her own, slowly moving west. Along the way she was "instructed" by a man in the divine path of the Black Hand. After three years of travel she wound up in Cordor and immediately set out to find the island's temple to her dark master. It was here she met the Dark Imperceptor of His church upon the islands. He informed her she was now under his command, and instruction, until she was formally transferred by someone of a higher rank within the Church.

Character Developments

((5/21/2010)) Currently studying the path of a priest, and is an Acolyte to the Church of Bane