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Played by User:Toffee

This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.

Quote: *Remains silent.*
Race Wild Elf
Gender Male
Age 99 yrs.
Height Height: 5 ft. 12. Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Short, sun-bleached blonde.
Eyes Amber-gold, wolfish.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Classes Fighter, 8 levels
Current Residence Cordor East, the Nomad
Religion he pays homage to Sune, Eilistraee and Tyr.
Player User:Toffee

General Description

Maeraes is tall. Very tall, with broad shoulders and bright gold eyes. His blunt - for an Elf - features suggest strong Human ancestry, but his slightly pronounced canine teeth suggest something else. His bright amber eyes are larger than usual and outlined with a tattoo of dark black kohl, but overall, he could be considered attractive. His clothes are usually of Elven quality, and usually neat, clean, and usually something like a loose, blousy shirt with bunched cuffs and tight pants. His hair is short, sun-bleached to a sort of blonde, and stands on end, with bangs framing his high cheekbones.

He is generally silent, as if thinking, and on his left shoulderblade is the tattoo of a golden howling wolf, against a silver cresent moon. It is plausible that precious metals were injected into his skin to achieve a metallic effect. He's fairly muscled, but not overly: enough to run quickly for a long time, perhaps. He always wears an elegant, Elven locket, probably more aimed towards a woman, than someone like Mae', that is set with diamonds and jet. He lopes with a sort of easy grace, as if he's always been a traveller.

In-depth Description

Maeraes is often smiling, laughing and joking. He smiles sweetly, showing his teeth, but he has a kind, mischievous heart, and he loves to play around, play fight and spend time with his mother's friends. Beforehand he constantly found it hard to smile, but something seems to have happened and he's so much more content.

Note: Men and women appeal to him, and for one thing, he doesn't hide it.

Before Amian History

Maeraes lived with his mother, on a seperate plane to Toril, probably one of many that he will not ever specify. He had many friends, and was passionate, likeable and extremely popular. His charisma had won his the respect of men and adoration of women. But as his mother's health failed, the beautiful young man inside him closed himself off, leaving his present attitude towards life. Eventually, she did die, which simply put the last nail in the coffin. Maeraes' charismatic personality locked itself away, or maybe he did it himself; and he stopped being so emotional, and simply left. He did leave a few notes for women he was fond of, and close friends. Then he left through a portal, and they've not seen him since.

Items of Note

Caes-Jhylaer - (Heart-Locket) Maeraes now owns this locket, passed to him by his mother before she died. often he will touch it subconsciously and close his eyes, remembering. It is silver, and of Elven make, with jet-stones and diamonds set in the shape of a heart on the silver.

Shyr-Shadi - (Wolf-Blade) An extremely long but graceful katana, known as Wolf-Blade. Maeraes does not use it, but trains with it, hoping to become more of a master to the long blade.

Tosaer Os Caes Orn - (Circlet of her Own) This is a silver circlet that fitted neatly around his mother's head, of a two headed, Kara-Turan style dragon, both heads holding a delicate green jewel in their jaws. It is exquisitely crafted, handed down to Maeraes from his mother.

// For more information on Maeraes, and backstory [NO METAGAMING] please read here