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This character is no longer active and should not be expected to be seen in game.

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Race Aasimar Elf - Descended from Firre
Gender Female
Age 120~.
Height 4'10", 69lbs.
Hair Deep red, hanging around her shoulder-blades..
Eyes Green, glow faintly.
Alignment Neutral Evil
Classes Fighter
Current Residence Shadowscape
Religion Bane
Player User:Toffee

'Manin's name is now Gaëlle. Also, her description has changed. Please disregard the title!


Gaëlle has long, dark red hair, slightly curling around her shoulder-blades. Her skin is pale, like alabaster, and she is otherwise unmarred apart from the linking chain of tattoos all over her body. Still in green, they are softer now, somewhat unnoticeable unless she wills it. Her eyes are black-lashed, and still green, but burning with temper in their depths. Her nose is freckled slightly, and if she smiled more, she'd certainly be sweeter to look on. His eyebrows are oddly arched now, often painted to make them more striking, and her cheekbones seem higher. She seems less like a Human teen and more like a fully fledged Elven woman. She's slender and willowy, more feminine, and dresses stylishly but subtly to accent the fact. All her clothes are tailored to her tiny waist and somewhat ample chest, and long legs.

Detailed Description

Gaëlle is very reluctant to speak, sometimes hesitating, though she manages not to show it. She always carries herself with obvious dignity, almost as if she knows she's better than people. She often walks on tip-toes to hide her shortness and often uses heightened heels on her shoes to make her legs longer. She's cool to the touch, literally, and generally downright refuses to acknowledge people. Her sense of humor is rather bleak, somewhat desolate and dark, but she rarely laughs. She's solitary, preferring to hunt alone, work alone, and shop alone.

Pre-Amian History

She remembers.. screaming. So much screaming. And death.

In short, this is a blunt, crude description of her life before this island. Her family resided in Sigil, until disease stole them away. First was her mother, then her little sister, Astral. Then the rest of her family perished. Alone on the streets, a wizard took her in.. only to throw her into a crate and to try and unleash her 'power'. She endured his spells, until her temper worsened, and she finally broke free and bludgeoned him to death with his own spellbook. She fears him constantly, knowing he isn't yet dead.