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The ACM is an in-game character maintenance system, which allows you to modify your character’s attributes without DM or Admin intervention. The ACM is accessible via the ACM Demiplane from Amia’s Entryway, however only one player at a time may use it as multiple in-game chats within the area will interfere with it. Character changes automatically become available in the ACM Menu when you have the required amount of Dream Coins (DCs) or Platinum Coins and are summarized below. Some changes have associated Reference Numbers so please quote them when asked to. Presently, the following changes on your character are possible:

Automated Character Maintainance list
Modification Cost in DCs Extra Requirements
First Name Change 3 DCs.
Last Name Change 3 DCs.
Free when you change house, get married,...
Rebuild Character Levels 5 + 1 per Level-to-Rebuild DCs. Platinum Coin (Level Rebuild)
Head Change 5 DCs. Head Reference Number.
Hair Color 1 DC Hair Color Reference Number.
Body Size 1 DC.
Skin Color 1 DC. Skin Color Reference Number.
Tattoos Free.
Tattoo Color 1 DC. Tattoo Color Reference Number.
Add Tail Prepaid (30DCs). Platinum Coin (Tail)
Add Wings Prepaid (50DCs). Platinum Coin (Wings).
Convert to the Aquatic Elf race Free. Platinum Coin (Aquatic Elf)
Elves only.

Disclaimer: Use this system at your own risk. We keep accurate logfiles of all ACM transactions and the default policy will be that DCs won’t be refunded in the event of player error. Report any bugs, misuse or exploitation immediately to the Amia Staff.