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Amian Crafter's & Trader's Federation
Amian Crafter's & Trader's Federation
Location Cordor, Howness
Leaders Sir Ermey Hartman, Chief Director of Operations
Members Mostly crafters and traders.
Requirements Looking spiffy in the uniform.
Faiths Of little importance.
Purpose Getting wealthy.



The Main Office of the ACTF.
The authority here is Sir Ermey Hartman.


A branch office of the ACTF.


Public Relations


Research and Development

Appraisers' Office


Sir Ermey Hartman - Chief Director of Operations, Amia(NPC)
Sellit Nibbler - Insurance Salesman(NPC)
Al'Tustra - Master Craftsman, Acquisitions
Alynne Iriart - Craftswoman
Arin Tir'ein - Tradesman
Bustier Cassanova d'Attentourt - Renowned Tailor and Clothier
Derry Swiftkick - Member of the Messengers
Elspeth Beermaiden - Acquisitions, Security
Gillaria Avares - Tradeswoman
Jack Tesilent - Tradesman
Jennika "Swift" Swiftblade - 1/3 of Swift Trades
Kassiel von Eiden - Tradesman, Acquisitions
Kyllikki Aune - Market Analyst, Public Relations, Editor of the Craft & Trade
Loki Umlaut - Proprietor of Loki's Brews
Lyle Torrowfire - 1/3 of Swift Trades
Madock Digger - 1/3 of Swift Trades, Craftsman
Phenwick Lamont - Acquisitions, Security
Prescia Gemfinder - Regional Director of Gemfinder's, Appraiser, Craftswoman
Puff Shadowflame - Tradesman
Xyrkha-Sarr - Proprietor of the Flying Shark
Yossarin - Market Analyst, Contractor, Public Relations, Acquisitions
Zaedra Lugh - Tradeswoman
Zenith Al'Nazir - Tradeswoman