Abominable Snowbeast

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Abominable Snowbeast

Type Epic Boss
Regions Frozenwastes, Brogendenstein


This huge, quadripedal beast is covered in shaggy fur so thick that even an adult dragon might have a difficult time biting through it all to get to the skin underneath. When it breathes, thick, heavy mist exudes from its mouth, which is full of blood stained and yellowed predatory teeth. You can see what must be black eyes, underneath the fur surrounding its face. When the beast takes a step, you can see thick claws poking out of the fur that drive small divots into the ice as it walks. Its fur is crusted over in places with snow and ice, the way frost might cover grass after a chillly morning. Despite that, the creature doesn't look cold at all. However, it does appear to be very hungry, and the fact that you're armed to the teeth doesn't seem to bother it at all. In fact, you can't help but notice the nearby half eaten corpse, which, you think, used to be wearing platemail armor. At least, before it was neatly shredded and rent, leaving pieces of metal strewn about the corpse.[1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.