Academy of Tarkuul

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Magisterium Mortis
Symbol of The Academy
Faction type Mage Circle

Allegiances Tarkuul
Headquarters Tower of the Damned

Hierarchy Academic
Leader Lucius Blackwater (Dead)
Religions Velsharoon, other
Alignment Any non-good
Affiliations Living Guard
Secrecy High
Symbol Skull keyhole

About the Magisterium Mortis

The Magisterium Mortis is a circle of scholars and mages, who work towards completing the goals appointed by the city. The purpose of the Magisterium Mortis is advancement of the Living City, and prosperity of all its dwellers and visitors, for through the rise of the city, we rise ourselves.


- Headmaster (Chief professor)

- Magister (Professor, Doctor, Teacher)

- Iluminatus (Senior student, Assistant)

- Alumnus (Student, Novice, Acolyte)

Rules and regulations

1) All members of the Magisterium are expected to respect the Laws of the Living City.

2) All members are encouraged to work on projects offered by the Headmaster.

3) All members are required to be active. Inactivity will result in expulsion.

4) All members are encouraged to collaborate with the Living Guard, if requested to.

5) All members are expected to behave themselves when away from the city.

Application and joining

Interested parties should send their application to the current Headmaster - browse the forums for details. In-game name (forum account): Lucius Blackwater (Dead)



Primary Schools of Magic:

Miscellaneous Areas of Expertise:

Interests and Goals:

Current Personal Projects: