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Amia Aigeshed.jpg
Remnants of Aigheshed
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Region Caraigh
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Ruler Jarl Cabain of Aigheshed
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Government Feudal Monarchy
Population Human
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Religions Chauntea, Lathander
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1st Blight

During the First Blight Jarl Cabain, sought power and attempted to achieve this through the calling of a fiend within the township. The people who were under his care, including his wife, were given in return for this. The remains of his work are what is left.

His location is unknown, and it is likely he fled the massacre that followed. The fiend he summoned was too powerful for him, and things spiraled out of control. Within hours a flood wave of screaming monsters emerged from the cellars and crypts around Aigheshed and razed the place to the ground.

Only few people managed to escape, but they were completely mad from the ordeal.

2nd Blight

During the second blight, Aigheshed was the center of power for the cultists and the forces of the Avatar of Orcus. These forces drove the people of Ceyren's Mill from their homes over a period of time in the year 1380DR, and launched other military offenses across the land. Through an offensive led by Sir Robert, a force consisting of the Dawnguard under Dawnmaster Aylomen, the Eternal Order under Chapter Master Gagis Silvarnus, and the Triadic Knights under Grand Master Yaston Sylgerand, as well as a large group of volunteers, a part of the power was broken. This in part led to a reduction in the undead and abyssal presence there, and was the biggest military offensive of the defenders of the island.

Even today the damage of both blights that struck the area is visible; the dead remain restless and demons manifest on the material plane.