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Initially founded as an Amia Encyclopedia on August 17th, 2006 by Vegan. Moved to Shatuga's server on August 18th.
Among the first contributors were belgianbonzai, Carino, KD-0079, Neus Scario and Wren.


The Amia Wiki is not supported, sponsored, endorsed or approved by the server owners, administrators or DMs. Information on the Wiki may not be in accord with Amia server policies, may be inaccurate or out-dated, may be subjective and may also reflect IC or OOC bias. DMs are always the final arbiters of what is 'true' in-game - a statement on the Amia Wiki does not make it so.

Contact information

If you have questions about the Wiki, for assistance or to report incorrect information, offensive edits/posts, spam or vandalism, send a private message (PM) via the Amia forum to Xaviera. If you have created an account on the Wiki and been blocked as a spammer or suspected spammer, please contact me in the same manner to have your access restored.