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The Amia Forest is a large, expansive forest covering much of the center portion of the island. The Eastern half of the forest is heavily patrolled by members of nearby Oakmist Vale, a Druid Circle and Ranger haven. The Western half is less patrolled, and is home to a Malar Temple and its cultists, which include ravenous animals, Medusae, and Ettins, and malicious Fey. The Malar Temple and the Oakmist Vale often come into conflict, and combat between the worshippers is not uncommon. The Temple's inahbitants are generally hostile to passersby, and the Rangers are often seen giving escorts through the West Forest if needed. Another point of interest in the forest is a Formian Hive, with the namesake creatures dwelling inside it, though they tend to keep to themselves. There's also various smaller points of interest, such as the Old Hag who lives inside a tree, hawking her odd potions to anyone who'll listen, and the mysterious helm-smithing Gnome who lives beneath the Waterfall.

In the past, the Amia Forest has been the site of several large combats, including being one of the prime battlegrounds for the old Horde Crisis. It was also the first home of one of the now deceased members of the Dark Flight of Tiamat, Forestgloom. It's also a hotspot for Elf/Drow conflicts. Along with large combats, a number of small combats happen almost daily within the wood, as rangers, patrolling adventurers both good and evil, among all sorts of other creatures, pass through the woods and come into combat. Any person travelling through the Amia Forest should, ideally, be prepared to be involved in some sort of conflict at least once in their travels through there.

For anyone interested in herbs and their magical effects, Amia Forest might be a good place to start harvest.

Other Points of Interest Nearby:
North: Valley of the Arachnid, Winya Ravana
East: Skull Crags, Portal to Shadowscape, Crouching Lemur Monastery
West: Wyrmhold
South: Bendir Dale