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The Amia Frontier is the general name for the large expanse of lightly forested, somewhat hilly plains that extend to the north of Cordor. Inhabited for the most part by warring tribes of Goblins, Kobolds, and Orcs, the plains are one of the most often trade routes used by the island, both for commercial and private travel use. Points of interest in the large plains include main travel roads to both Wharftown and Bendir Dale, as well as a main entrance into the Skull Crags Mountains' southern cliffs. The eastern side also has an entrance into the Kobold Caves, a dwelling for the namesake creatures. The northern part is claimed by the Frontier Orcs, and their base is near the entrance to Bendir Dale. The monsters tend to only be a challenge to the unskilled, untrained or civilians/merchants, and the latter tend to hire bodyguards to stave off attacks. There is also a cranky old hermit who lives in the far Eastern edge, all by himself. The Kobolds tend to leave him alone. I wonder why...?

Points of Interest Nearby:
North: Bendir Dale, Amia Forest
South: Cordor
East: nothing directly. North-east, Skull Crag Mountains.
West: Bramble Woods (from center), Lowland Swamps, Wharftown (from West), Bloodmoon Pass (from North)