Ankh'remun Desert

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The Ankh'Remun Desert is a vast expanse of Desert that expands to the East and West of the settlement of Nes'ek. It can be divided into two clear halves based on its relative location to Nes'ek. Both sides are pockmarked with small oases, but these have by large and by far been claimed by their respective half's owners.

The West half of Ankh'remun is home to a hostile tribe of Bedine that have claimed the entire desert for their own, and have tamed desert wolves and spiders to help them protect it. To the far far West is an old settlement that was originally linked to Nes'ek, but became overrun by the Bedine, and was subsequently razed to the ground. The Bedine now use it as a sanctuary and home base. Other points of interest include the Tomb of Ankh'Remun, and the once lair of Baulg, the ancient Blue Dragon, who was slain by Stormwhisper. The Bedine have now claimed his cave and use it as shelter from the harsh desert heat.

The East half has been claimed by a roving nomadic band of Sand Minotaurs. The Minotaurs have many similarities to the Bedine in their organization, are just as hostile to outsiders, and are often at war with them, unfortunately for Nes'ek, who sits right between them. There are few points of interest in this rocky cliff-filled area of the Desert, which appears to have been carved into a maze-like shape, in order to accommodate its new inhabitants. There's supposedly a way into their secret lair somewhere within those cliffs, though...