Barbarian Camp

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The Brogendenstein Barbarian's Camp is a two-part Camp. The dock and the lighlty guarded area is right on the mountain itself, and contains a small camp with a Barbarian guard and light Frost Giant aid. The majority of the camp is inside a cave on the eastern edge of the ouside camp.

Inside are yurts and houses for the entire tribe, along with the tribe itself, who are typically none too happy to see visitors. The cave is lit by torchlight, and can be circumnavigated the long way, by going through each cavern and cave entrance, or, near the central river are small ledges one can walk along, in order to skirt the majority of the cave. Using these, one can enter or exist the cave much faster. There are three main "camps" within the cave, and the one farthest back belongs to the Chief Shaman of the Tribe, and his bodyguards.