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Type Spawn
Regions Underdark


Beholder Slavedriver:

This Beholder is slightly larger than average, compared to the other beholders. It has thick green, snake-like scales overlapping, across its entire body, with its main central eye as well as the stalk eyes being the color of molten brass. Rows of razor sharp teeth fill its maw. A circle of spikes surrounds its main central eye. This beholder seems especially adept with its eye rays, and even experienced beholder hunters find themselves surprised by what it can do. Two sets of large spikes protrude from under its chin, and more protrude from along eyes its eye, making anything but a frontal assault difficult.[1]

Beholder Scout:

This Beholder appears to be in a lower "Caste" of Beholders, and is rather runty (though still large) compared to the rest of the beholders. Several of its stalk eyes appear to have been removed violently, either smoothly or with a jagged rent edge, preventing it from using much of its eye-ray powers. This doesn't seem to have deterred it though, as its teeth are exceptionally sharp, and it fights more fiercely than a normal beholder might, in melee, especially given that it still has use of its powerful antimagic central eye.[1]

Beholder Wizard:

This Beholder has purple skin, with large blue veins coursing visibly along its body. It has no central eye, and only an empty, healed over socket remains where it might have been. A long, curling tongue rests in its mouth, and in a Beholder's odd language, it manages to cast arcane spells at you, ebilitating you and helping its allies. Many of the other Beholders seem to trat the wizards with disdain and give them a wide berth, however. Its eyes are bright sky blue irises with almost nonexistant pupils.[1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.