Bendir Dale Militia

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Bendir Dale Militia

Residence Bendir Dale
Captains Lyle Torrowfire
Lyam Thornhill
Colors NA
Requirements Resident of Bendir Dale
Must submit application
General Alignment Neutral Good

Bendir Dale Law

  • Law I: Any one who assaults or murders another person within Bendir Dale's jurisdiction will be paid in kind. This includes any manner of hostile spell casting included but not limited to: Darkness, Fireball, Iron Horn. Any one who commits armed robbery will also be punished.
  • Law II: Derogatory statements aimed at residents by visitors will not be tolerated.
  • Law III: Those who steal must pay a fine equal in value to the stolen article as well as a donation equal to 50% of the value to Brandobaris.
  • Law IV: Undead, fiends, beholders, mind flayers and other beasts of unquestionable evil may not be summoned into Bendir Dale, nor may they walk here. The offender will be asked once to remove themselves/their illegal summon. If they fail to do so, they will be slain.
  • Law V: To enter Bendir Dale, Drow are required to present a Cordorian Signet Ring as proof they're not Lolthlites. Alternatively, they can present a symbol of Eilistraee, but must be escorted at all times.
  • Law VI: Guests must disarm upon entering. Weapons may only be bared by militia, except in special cases. These cases include overwhelmings odds of offenders versus outnumbered militia. Non-residents who refuse to disarm will be forcefully disarmed.
  • Law VII: Remove helmets and masks immediately if asked by militia. If you fail to do so, you may get hurt. Entering Bendir Dale invisible or otherwise hidden is also discouraged.
  • Law VIII: Animal companions and familiars are allowed, but only if they are not fiends, undead or any other evil creature. Killing a companion not banned by the law counts as assault against the owner.
  • Law IX: Shifting is allowed within reason and must be done in front of militia for mutual safety. Turning into a creature not allowed normally will be punished.
  • Law X: Merchants may only set up shop if they are residents of Bendir Dale. A 10% tax will be applied to every sale for the treasury.
  • Law XI: Hin, Dwarves, Gnomes and Fey may live peacefully in Bendir Dale. Bendir Dale's jurisdiction extends to the border of the Amia Forest, to the foothills of the Skull Crags, to the Mylock Hills and to the top of the hill along the south road.

Above all use common sense and respect Bendir Dale's authority and residents.

Required of All Members

  • Hospitality: Remember, Hin and Hospitality both start with the same letter for a reason. We should be seen as the good-natured folk who'll happily serve you a drink, open our arms, serve you some stew, all that stuff. So, be nice and compassionate.
  • Family: Treat residents as you would family. Have a gentle hand with them if they do wrong. Don't lord over them. They're our family, and we're no better than they are. Also, be tolerant of pranker-residents, provided they don't cause any structural or physical damage, and as long as they aren't excessive. Don't abuse our family. Do not take offense to their complaints, but instead consider them.
  • Diplomacy: First. Intimidation and Violence come second and third. This can be skipped in violent crimes and illegal summons and shapes.
  • Tolerance: Aside from Lolthlites, those of evil faith and know criminals, tolerate those who our different from ourselves, should it be by race, background or faith. Accept their differences and treat them with kindness should they not lose that privillege. Allow people to speak in their own language, if they wish.
  • Defense: We're defenders and peacekeepers first and foremost. Our primary focus is on non-residents.
  • Compassion: Compassion before Law
  • Resolve: Remain strong and determined in the face of our enemies. Don't take their filth or their hostilities. Remain firm in our convictions and the above guidelines. Never stoop to the level of our foes. Dedicate yourselves to being goodly, respectable folk.

Rankings and Divisions


  • General: The ultimate militia authority, his commands and orders are absolute.
  • Captain: The captains over see the full activities of the militia. There are two of them, and they answer directly to General-Mayor Nof.
  • Sergeant: Officers over the different militia divisions. They have authority over members of their division, and lesser authority over those in other divisions. Their orders to other divisions are overrode by the respective sergeants.
  • Private: The basic member of the Bendir Dale militia.
  • Recruit: Those who are on trial miliita duty.


  • Warriors: Frontlines men, any one who specializes primarily in straight-up combat and offers no additional skills goes here.
  • Intelligence: Subtlety and subterfuge. Those who are talented in stealth and infiltration will find themselves here.
  • Arcane: People who employ arcane magic as their primary form of combat. Spellblades also sit here.
  • Healers: Any one who can repeatedly use divine magic to heal goes here.


This is the list of the current Militia members.


Nof (NPC)


Lyam Thornhill
Lyle Torrowfire


Skit Gwil (NPC)
Hol SilverEye (NPC)
Swift Swiftblade
Tommi Twinkney


Lyle Torrowfire
Hol SilverEye (NPC)
Skit Gwil (NPC)
Biddle Broadfoot
Lyam Thornhill
Jago Delrithian
Euphemia Tealeaf
Connor O'Riley
Drudo Grel
Suzy Snapedragon
Fendel (NPC)
Jayek Gren (NPC)


Swift Swiftblade
Grindan Haingo
Risk Warrens
Dirk Sashin (NPC)


Tommi Twinkney
Hailey Hedgefire
Nina Thorrow
Sally Torrowfire
Tak Rosen (NPC)
Ritty Leadows (NPC)


Sugrin Rosscobbert