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Benwick came to be after King Galahad and his loyal court built it where the Temple of Salandra now stands. The Imperator, a good silver dragon, made his home there after Galahad proved his worth in many exploits for other kingdoms. After the Duke was chased from power, one Cordorian (whose name has been lost to history) requested the Seneschal of Benwick for aid. Benwick occupied Cordor as an interim government. The Senechal at that time, Vikii D’Vreeze, honored his request. Benwick helped to found the Council of Cordor and pulled out afterwards.

Benwick slowly fell into disuse after Galahad’s original court refused to recruit any new members. Over time, it became abandoned, and Galahad himself left the castle under the guard of the Imperator. It stayed that way for many years.

Eventually, Gabriel Judicator requested a favor from Lord Steel, the First Knight of Benwick. He asked, and was granted, permission to hold the castle as Steward until the rightful King returned. Gabriel Judicator and Irraere D’Vreeze gathered many people together and for a small time, Benwick was once again moving towards the glory it once held.

King Galahad soon returned when he learned that Benwick was being revived and retook his throne. His court soon followed. In a shameful display, King Galahad’s court cast all of those who brought the life back into the forgotten old castle. Benwick quickly fell into disuse again, and Wyrmhold eventually destroyed it.

The area where Benwick once stood has been given the new name of Benwick Hollow. A large graveyard, the Temple of Salandra and a memorial dominates the coast line now.