Benwick Hollow

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Benwick Hollow


Population: Roughly 200

Religions: Salandra, Eilistraee, Nobanion.

Imports: General supplies.

Exports: Healing supplies, adventuring supplies.



Benwick Hollow holds five places of worship, the Temple of Salandra, the ruins of the Chapel of Sankt Elizabeth, the shrine of Eilistraee, a shrine of Jergal, a shrine of Nobanion and a vast burial site. Kampo's store also lies in this area. In Benwick Hollow once stood the fair city of Benwick which was destroyed years ago by the wrath of the dragon goddess Tiamat. Only the dead remind of the history of the place.

Important Figures

Temple Mother Teresa: The Temple Mother is responsible for all happenings in the Temple and its clergy and is the highest ranking a Salandran in Benwick Hollow. The Temple Mother holds her position for life, or until retirement but should she not be following the Tenets of Salandran faith, she may be removed from her position by the Council.

Nightingale: The founder and a councilor of the Salandran Temple in Benwick Hollow.

Regional History

Benwick came to be after King Galahad and his loyal court built it where the Temple of Salandra now stands. The Imperator, a good silver dragon, made his home there after Galahad proved his worth in many exploits for other kingdoms. After the Duke was chased from power, one Cordorian (whose name has been lost to history) requested the Seneschal of Benwick for aid. Benwick occupied Cordor as an interim government. The Senechal at that time, Vikii D’Vreeze, honored his request. Benwick helped to found the Council of Cordor and pulled out afterwards.

Benwick slowly fell into disuse after Galahad’s original court refused to recruit any new members. Over time, it became abandoned, and Galahad himself left the castle under the guard of the Imperator. It stayed that way for many years.

Eventually, Gabriel Judicator requested a favor from Lord Steel, the First Knight of Benwick. He asked, and was granted, permission to hold the castle as Steward until the rightful King returned. Gabriel Judicator and Irraere D’Vreeze gathered many people together and for a small time, Benwick was once again moving towards the glory it once held.

King Galahad soon returned when he learned that Benwick was being revived and retook his throne. His court soon followed. In a shameful display, King Galahad’s court cast all of those who brought the life back into the forgotten old castle. Benwick quickly fell into disuse again, and Wyrmhold eventually destroyed it.


Years after the devestating tragedy that had befallen upon the city of Benwick, the salandran Priestess Nightingal constructed a place of healing and recovery for those in need of aid. The temple since has grown considerably, housing many members of faith of the lady of healing.


The Chapel of Sankt Elizabeth was build after those of kelemvorite faith left the city of Kohlingen due to a feud between the Defenders and the members of the church of the Judge of the Dead. The preparations were done under Temple Father Roland Siggers and Metalien Sikth. When Sharina Fryar took father Rolands place after he had passed away, a deal was made with the dwarves of Barak Runedar and the temple was finally constructed.


Following a series of events still discussed today, war came to Benwick Hollow. The invading forces of the Black Caravan backed by a powerful Calimshani naval force arrived near the Chapel of Sankt Elizabeth and in a battle that will long be remembered. The proud kelemvorites were utterly defeated and their once grand temple reduced to rubble. A memorial was errected in honour of the fallen and the remains of the clergy left Benwick Hollow behind.