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The Black Flag

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The Black Flag “Amia’s premiere criminal organization.”
Current Faction Leader/Contact Hexx Stonebeard

Send a forum PM to Hexx_Stonebeard

About the Flag

The Black Flag has plagued the whole of Amia since times long forgotten by all but the oldest of the isle. Involved in many a debacle and shifting of goverment. They continue to rear their scurvy heads to relive nobles, crime lords, citizens and lowly adventurers alike of their bulging coin purses. A fixture in Southern Cordor until very recently the Band has apparently left Cordor to its devices content with picking of trade caravans and selling its contraband and ill-gotten goods.


A brief overview of the history of the Black Flag

A meager beginning, the Black Flag started off as nothing more than a small band of opportunistic thieves and highwaymen. Strong-arm robbery and clever cons on the dusty trails north and west of Amia’s largest city was common in the formative years. As the fame and skills of the Black Flag grew, shady characters came out of the woodwork eager to add their skills to the up and coming group. As their name and influence gained reputation, the Flags were formally invited to join what was to be a thief’s coalition. The Flags, their coffers swollen with the fat purses handed over by “health conscious” travelers found membership in the guild disappointing, and began to look for new avenues of expansion.

Their leader, Gareb Vasante , took interest in the odd little Halfling Fort nestled in the quaint dale just south of Amia Forest. The location seemed perfect for their current business and inevitable future growth. Through skillful deception and the greasing of many diminutive palms the Flags became silent partners with the newly elected mayor and provided financial backing for his grand vision, a Halfling community that was to be built on the grounds of the old fort. During the hustle and bustle of this new village’s construction, they set-up their first permanent lair which was hidden away under the newly erected Inn. It served them well over the years, seeing the Flags through the election of a second leader before a third, less agreeable Hin came into the mayoral race and won, hence seeing to the eviction and ultimately the destruction of the Flagger’s residence.

The Flags, now homeless, would not suffer the setback for long and set their collective sights on the fertile southern district of Cordor. Soon after their arrival the merchants of the southern tip began to fall under the shadow of the flag and the gold began to roll in. Rather than rule the common thugs and goons through intimidation as many before them had, the flag took a large portion of them under their wing, offering well paying jobs as enforcers and informants for the organization. The Southies adjusted well, their bellies almost as swollen as their gold pouches. Thus, the south fell into the tender embrace of Amia’s premiere criminal organization.

Originally, the smokey interior of the chamber pot provided the flag with a secure base of operations. Inevitably, the shady locale was sought out by various groups of do-gooders. After a particularly bad run in, the flag decided to abandon the bar for good. They sought refuge in the bottom of a newly constructed Casino boat anchored in West Cordor, the "Casino Mortale". After a few years of profitable service it was decided the boat should set sail for the southern tip of Cordor. There it remained anchored for several months before the changing political climate and guard structure brought the Flags profits to a halt. After much deliberation, Hexx Stonebeard, Gareb’s second in command,and current head of the flag, raised anchor, once more leaving the whole of Cordor to implode as it had done before. It is at this late date that we continue to watch and listen to the fissured state of Cordor, hijacking shipments of goods and bringing in what profit they can.


"There has been some confusion in the past as too when a character has been accepted into the Flags, so I'll lay out the general guidelines for everyone." Hexx

Possible Recruit

A Possible recruit is identified by other Flaggers. They will be looking for good RP, positive attitude and interest in the RP. The Flagger willthen post a notice about the character for possible recruitment on The Black Flag's private forum. (we are looking for quality over quantity)


Once the character has been recommended they will be assigned several tasks to prove that they have the willingness to follow orders and full submission to the Flags authority.


After completing these small Tasks the character gains Associate status. This means they will be very closely watched for good RP, positive OOC attitude and following of server rules. If they meet these requirements we will begin tutoring them in aspects of our type of criminal RP. At this point the character in question is a “Friend of the Flag” They are not a member of the Flag yet.


After an extended period of associate status, if the player and character have proven themselves, will be formally brought into the flag as a Ribboneer. A Ribboneer is for lack of a better term "junior Flagger". They still need to be instructed and tutored in the business of being a Flagger. At this point the player earns access to the Flags forums.

Black Flagger

After a few months of service as a Ribboneer, if the character stays active and participates in Flag RP they can move up to a full fledged Black Flagger. At this point they can bind to the the base and will receive their Signet rings from the current head of the flag. As Senior Flaggers they will be responsible for training and recruitment of Ribboneers and Associates as well as other duties as assigned by the Head of the Flag. "Flaggers are expected to remain active on the forums or in game. The respect due to a Senior Flagger cannot be properly shown if said Flagger does not exist anywhere but on a member list dated two years ago."