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Clan Motto

Counting Bodies like Sheep, to the Rythm of the War Drums.

Current Members

Head: Tordek Bloodbeard

Second: Oskar Bloodbeard

Fleisch "Bestrafer" Bloodbeard

Grutz Bloodbeard

Hashar Bloodbeard

Ivor Bloodbeard

Kroann Bloodbeard

Lefur Bloodbeard

Magnus Bloodbeard

Rhonine Bloodbeard

Sabina Bloodbeard

Thor Bloodbeard

Thorkel Bloodbeard

Traken Bloodbeard

Turak Bloodbeard

Ulahpel Bloodbeard

Wulfar Bloodbeard

Yesta Bloodbeard

Spell Chucker: Aingarktik Bloodbeard

Dead or Missing Members

Malak Bloodbeard

Dalgor Bloodbeard

Tagnar Bloodbeard

Galdror Bloodbeard

Higan Bloodbeard

Yecta Bloodbeard

Honorary Members

Boinus Fraightannel (honorary Dwarven friend of the Bloodbeards) - Missing, presumed dead.

IC description

The Bloodbeards are a clan of Duergar, originaly from the mainland when Oskar and Tordek left their home to escape 'Mumma' and her tyranny that is, even by Duergar standards, extreme.

Tordek and Oskar realized that Amia was ripe for expansion and slowly others joined them from their home on the mainland. With a few recruited Duergar brought into the clan the Bloodbeards grew to a large family.

Over time some members died or went missing, Oskar got jailed for murder in Waterdeep and Tordek got called back home to oversee a War started by one of his younger siblings, this caused the clan to wither and almost disapear for a while, but upon his release from jail Oskar returned and started recruiting again, bringing in Magnus and Kroann, after writing home to Tordek for him to return the 'Brothers Grim' were reunited on the island for the first time in decades.

Very soon they started recruiting again, bringing in Aingarktik and encouraging Turak to return to Amia, their numbers are growing again and this time they seem older, wiser and more intent on domination.


Must be a Duergar, must be willing to change the surname to BLOODBEARD and must be willing to wear the clan colours of Cherry Red & Flat Black. In it for the longhaul. Don't need people joining up for just for sake of it.

No good alligned classes or alignments owing to the 'Evil' nature of Duergar.


Contact Tordek or Oskar.

Tordek forum: Val'Rok

Tordek game: Tor_dek

Oskar forum: Cpt_Metalien_XC

Oskar game: Cpt_Metalien_XC

Or check out our external forum: [1]

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