Bloodmoon Cave

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A cave in the north end of Bloodmoon Pass, home of the Bloodmoon Orcs. Unless one were to go looking for it, it is thankfully out of the way of any traveller or wanderer that sticks to the main path. This is a good thing, as it's inhabitants, the Bloodmoon Orcs would waste no time attacking anyone who comes in. The Cave itself is rather expansive, and continues to expand thanks to the efforts of domesticated Digger Beetles employed by the Blood Moon Orcs to keep digging out new tunnels. The first level of the cave is just that: a cave. Small rivers run through the area, and offshoots lead to houses and homes that most adventurers typically don't bother to visit simply because they hold nothing of interest.

The second level of the cave is much different in design and construction: It looks like a fortress, with towers of iron and steel, and other metals. One might surmise that the Bloodmoon Orcs are subterranian in nature, and are digging upwards, since the lower level is more built up than the top level. In any case, there is little in the way of residence on this level, it appears entirely designed for war, and the war chieftain of the Orcs resides at the back end of this level. Behind him is a rope that can be used for an easy escape from the caves.