Bloodmoon Pass

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Bloodmoon Pass is a rocky road that connects the Northern portion of the Amia Frontier to the Lowland Swamps. IT's sometimes used by traders moving between Wharftown and Bendir Dale, and sometimes traders moving items into the Tower of Mystra, but not much else, both for its out of the way capacity, and for its native inhabitants, the Bloodmoon Orcs. Points of interest include Bloodmoon Cave, the home of the Bloodmoon Orcs. There's also a fine winery at the north-eastern end of the pass, run by an enterprising Hin. and at the south-eastern end is a large cave, inhabited by bears, but often sees use for other... nefarious... purposes. Traveller beware.

Points of Interest Nearby:
North: None, no route.
East: Amia Frontier, Bendir Dale
South: Lowland Swamps
West: Forest of Despair