Bramble Woods

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The Bramble Woods are almost a part of the Amia Frontier. If you had to place them, they would be the west-north-west section of the Frontier. It is predominantly filled with Goblins and their trained wolves and boars. It is not a large woods, when compared to the Forest of Despair and the Amia Forest, the two forests which take up a dominant portion of the island. The Bramble Woods are home to a small patch of Sweetberries as well, which makes them a popular spot for snack-hungry adventurers. Other than that, there's not a lot of interest here, and most adventurers or civilians for that matter, don't travel here unless they have specific business with the Goblins.

The Goblin lair is supposedly somewhere within here... Though if it is, they keep it well hidden from prying eyes.

Cordor is South of the Bramble Woods, and if you leave the Woods going East, and then travel North through the Frontier, you will find yourself in Bendir Dale. If you leave the woods going South, and then travel West, after a jaunt through the Lowland Swamps, you will find yourself in Wharftown.