Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights

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Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights (Disbanded)

BLACK Logo2.jpg
Residence BLACK High Command
Field Marshal Vrok (last recognized CO)
Classes All are accepted
Purpose To remove current Cordorian leaders from power, and return Cordor to its former glory.

The Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights (Disbanded)

The Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights, BLACK or Black coats for short was a militarily structured political organization. The stated goal of BLACK was the opposition of the current government of Cordor under Speaker Maximillian. To a lesser extent BLACK also opposed other groups and organizations that threatened the liberty of the people of Amia.

A History of BLACK

BLACK had its beginnings in another organization known as the Order of the Broken Cudgel, or OBC. The OBC was founded by Richard Johnson shortly after his arrival on the island. Facing minimal success and abandonment by the Order's key personnel, Johnson disbanded it, and began its restructure into the BLACK we know today.

After an initial recruitment period BLACK began to test its footing. The Legion got it's first real publicity after Knight Captain Quin K Goodman of BLACK rescued the people of Cordor by vanquishing an attacking sea monster. Following the heroics, a massive wave of propaganda posters was sent out. The poster program was met with mixed reactions, but by this time, BLACK was becoming a more and more recognizable name. Shortly after the sea monster incident, the Cordor authorities became increasingly intolerant of BLACK operations within the city. The death of Knight Commander Quin Goodman at the hands of guardsmen and several vigilantes led to extreme protests from remaining BLACK personnel. In the wake of these protests, the Cordor Guard began using more and more extreme methods, this eventually resulted in the banishment of all Legion members from the city proper, in addition to Field Marshal Johnson receiving crippling injuries.

Defeated, the Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights re-based itself in Kohlingen and attempted to smooth over relations with Cordor by donating a large sum of money, on the order of 1.2 million crowns. During the proceedings of the donation the BLACK delegation was attacked by the Cordor military in what is now known within the Legion as "The Frontier Massacre". 

The conflict between BLACK and the city of Cordor reached its climax after Arwen's Fine Cloths store in east Cordor was bombed. BLACK was blamed for the incident. Then leader of the order, Field Marshal Richard Johnson, turned himself over to the authorities to clear his name, and was imprisoned after a highly dubious summery trial. 

Following Field Marshal Johnson's somewhat miraculous escape from Cordor's custody BLACK once again began mobilizing to battle the the Commonwealth under his stalwart and bombastic leadership.

B.L.A.C.K. was disbanded by Acting Field Marshal Vrok in accordance with Field Marshal Johnson's last orders following his betrayal by Ralten's Band.

Structure of BLACK

The Three Divisions of BLACK

The Divisions of BLACK

The membership of BLACK is divided up into three divisions, based primarily on the skill sets a member displays. For instance, the First Heavy Infantry contains the legion's swordsmen and warriors, the Second Specialists provide the legion with medical support as well as espionage and scouting abilities. Finally the Third Artillery/Magical contains the legion's mages and in theory the legion's siege equipment, though such weapons have yet to be acquired. All three divisions answer to another, smaller division referred to as BLACK High Command. The practice of breaking up the legion into divisions allows BLACK to be flexible in it's actions, as assault teams rarely contain members from a single division alone. The divisional structure also provides an excellent safeguard against the assassination of key leaders as each division is effectively autonomous, relying on the High Command under the Field Marshal and Knight Commander only for coordination purposes.

Ranks of BLACK

The Branded Legion of Amian Conscript Knights is primarily a military organization, thus, membership is broken up into a series of ranks. Rank is divided into two groups, Officers and Enlisted.

Officer Ranks

Field Marshal- This is the highest rank within the Legion, normally this rank is held only by the organization's founder Field Marshal Richard Johnson. The Field Marshal and his advisers oversee the logistical aspect of BLACK, things like the acquisition of equipment, and the overall agenda of BLACK are all handled by the Field Marshal. The Field Marshal is also the ceremonial officer, only the Field Marshal may dispense medals and commendations.

Lt. Field Marshal- The Lt. Field Marshal is the legion's morale officer, disciplinary actions as well as personnel evaluations and internal investigations are handled by the Lt. Field Marshal as well. Should the Field Marshal be killed or incapacitated the Lt. Field Marshal assumes overall command of BLACK.

Knight Commander- The Knight Commander is the bridge between the divisions and the unifying High Command under the Field Marshal. The Knight Commander is also in charge of promotions within each division and responsible for the training and placment of new recruits

Knight Captain- Knight Captains are each charged with commanding one of the three divisions of the legion. As such they each have a tremendous amount of power, as the day to day operation of their division is entirely up to them. This power is balanced by the fact that Officers of the High Command such as the Field Marshal or the Knight Commander may step in and take direct command of a division if they so choose. Knight Captains also serve as Flag Officers, they are called upon to represent BLACK's interests should the High Command be tied up with other matters.

Knight Lieutenant- Knight Lieutenants are the lowest commissioned rank in BLACK. They primarily serve as a line of succession, if a Knight Captain is killed the Knight Lieutenant takes his place and then promotes a Knight Conscript to take his place. Again this serves to protect the legion's ability to function following an assassination, as the would be assassin would have to kill roughly half the legion to prevent it from continuing to function.

Enlisted Ranks

Knight Conscript- This is the highest enlisted rank. Knight Conscripts report directly to Knight Lieutenants. Promotion to Knight Conscript is usually a sign of officer potential.

Conscript- Conscript is starting rank in BLACK once initiation training has been completed.

Errant- An Errant is a raw recruit prior to initiation training, once training has been completed an Errant is immediately promoted to Conscript.

Why in god's name should I join BLACK?

Dissident? Transient? Angry teen? BLACK thinks you're officer material! BLACK is the faction people love to hate, we are the cause for all of those rebels who currently lack one. BLACK is the perfect faction for people who have a not so subtle problem with authority figures, indeed we flaunt the law wherever possible, and not always with bad intentions. As a militarily structured faction BLACK is very well suited to soldier type characters, and to players that want a martial style of RP.

Playing a BLACK member

BLACK is not an openly terrorist organization, that cannot be stressed enough. BLACK is dedicated to its job of removing the commonwealth government, and so are its members. Peaceful means are employed whenever possible. However, when the overall goal requires the application of force, there is no hesitation. Characters wishing to join should not have a problem with this philosophy. The BLACK High Command tries to gather as many allies as it can and has tried to maintain good relations with the other cities of Amia, especially Kohlingen. Characters having publicly poor relations with other cities will not be received well. BLACK encourages its members to take pride in the organization, and to wear their uniforms and rank insignia publicly. Players who do not want the stigma of BLACK membership to be public should consider other factions, though for the time being practicality has dictated that many members conceal the fact that they have joined. Faction RP in BLACK consists mainly of gathering intelligence on the Commonwealth, gathering allies to the cause, and the occasional attack or battle with the Cordor military. Most importantly, don't take yourself too seriously, BLACK is a gaggle of barely organized misfits trying to save the world, and we're the first ones to admit it. We need all the humor we can get if we want to pull that off.

Hey those guys in Cordor are jerks, how do I join?

Firstly, keep in mind that joining BLACK carries serious risks. Members of the legion currently have a "kill on sight" order placed against them by the city of Cordor, in addition to a permanent ban from the city itself. If you still feel you wish to join, Field Marshal Richard Johnson can be reached through his speedy box in Uhm. ("ego680" on forums) or contact "V" via Speedy's ("poorvincente" on forums). Alternately, track some of us down in game, we're startlingly easy to find. Regardless of the method of contact, prospective members will be required to meet with the command staff in one of our recruitment centers for a direct interview.