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Type Spawn
Regions Western Coast


Brigand (Regular):

This scruffy pirate wears a vest and some fine jewelry, obviously stolen. He grins at you with haggard teeth and brandishes a saber and a parrying dagger as he advances on you with his crewmates.[1]

Brigand Bruiser:

This man is very portly, though when he takes the first swing at you with a huge fist, you start to wonder whether or not it's fat or muscle. His arms are adorned with heavy gauntlets, sudded with steel, and he shoves his way to the front of fights, eager to get in on the action.[1]

Brigand Marksman:

This pirate has a small quiver of arrows on his back, and a seaworthy bow slung over his shoulder. Well, it was slung over his shoulder before he saw you, anyways, and now it's in his hands, with an arrow nocked in your direction. You may want to dodge out of the way.[1]

Brigand Swashbuckler:

A higher ranking pirate, perhaps a first or second mate, or a quartermaster of some sort, this man is wearing some a leather jerkin and some matching leather pants, providing light protection against weaponry. Like many of his crewmates, he wields a saber and a parrying dagger, and seems quite a bit more adept at using it than the usual crewmate, as well as a nasty dirty fighter, unafraid t throw sand or dirt in his opponents' eyes.[1]

Brigand Cleric:

The Ships clerics all seemed to be adorned with holy symbols to various sea gods, with a predominance towards Umberlee and Istishia. They have wodden shields and maces, and wear chainmail armor when not on deck. They weave spells to protect their allies while they raid and pillage the coast, or, at least, to stop people like you from taking their illgotten gains.[1]

Brigand Swordmaster:

This woman immediately catches your eye due to her weapon. A twin-blade, connected in the middle by a long metla haft. She wields it in both hands like a bladed squarterstaff, weaving and slicing it through the air like an accomplished acrobat, creating a zone of incredibly difficult terrain to pass through. He rlight armor belies her ability to dodge blows: You don't need armor when you're simply not getting hit.[1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.