Brogendenstein Animals

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Brogendenstein Animals

Type Spawn
Regions Brogendenstein


Great Northern Bear

The bears of the Brogendenstein region have long been the source of tales and stories from the Dwarves. The bears are much larger than other specimens in the mainland, and it's said that simply locking eyes with a charging bear can terrify a full grown dwarf, and leave him helpless to his fate, unable to move as he shakes in fear. The bears are, of course, carnivores. [1]

Northern Ground Dodo

One of the few indigenous species of birds on the islands, the Brogendenstein Dodos are a flightless bird that acts much like a scavenger. They follow around wolf packs and bears, feasting on whatever gets left behind. However, when threatened, the dodos fight more fiercely than many expect, proving that even though the Dodos prefer to scavenge, they're entirely capable of hunting their own prey as well. [1]

Northern Wolf

Winter Wolves are larger, and inherently magical compared to their normal brethren, and they are found in abundance all over the island of Brogendenstein. They are capable of breathing out large cones of super-chilled air and ice that can cause instant frostbite and do serious damage to vulnerable creatures and objects. On top of that, they're still wolves: Capable pack hunters, possessed of excellent senses. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.