Brogendenstein Barbarians

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Brogendenstein Barbarians

Type Spawn
Regions Brogendenstein


Babrarian Hurler

A younger man, dressed in furs and leathers, stands behind the other barbarians. Along his belt are several hatchets. The oters are in his hands... or in the air, soaring towards you in an attempt to maim and kill. Clearly you've wandered into somewhere you're not welcome. [1]

Barbarian Shaman

This man is older than the rest of the tribe, and is dressed in thick, heavy woolen robes, and is holding a gnarled tree branch in the way someone might hold a quarterstaff. He has the tools of a tribal shaman on him, bones, furs, and other animal parts. He also appears to be capable of some amount of spellcasting to defend himself and his tribe from your intrusion. [1]

Barbarian Skald

This female carries a sling and a small buckler, and sings songs in the tribal dialect. These songs range from melodies that boost the morale of her allies, to loud, screeching warcires that ring in your ears painfully, and hinder your ability to fight back. [1]

Barbarian Warrior

One of many like him in the tribe, this man appears to simply be a member of the warrior caste of the barbarian tribe. He carries a large axe, and looks like he knows how to weild it, whether or not that's for hunting, skinning, or, in this case... fighting you and killing you. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.