Brogendenstein Forest

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A snowy forest on the eastern part of Brogendenstein, home to the Snow Orcs. The forest is rather small as far as forests go. It's certainly smaller than Amia Forest or the Forest of Despair. However, it is home to a very rare flower that has perfectly snow white petals. These petals are often prized by dye-makers and clothiers for wedding dresses, robes, and other fancy things that need perfectly white coloring.

Other points of interest would be the small rivers that run through it, perfect for someone looking for clear imported mountain water. There's also the Snow Orc Caves, which are the home of the nearby Snow Orcs. General travelers are warned to steer very clear of them though, as they are very dangerous.

Nearby points of interest include the Brogendenstein Mountains and the Barbarian Camp, though since most of Brogendenstein is just snow and ice, it's up for arguement as to if those are actually "points of interest" or not.