Brogendenstein Mountains

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The Brogendenstein Mountains cover almost the entire northern half of the frozen island of Brogendenstein. They are home to the Frost Giants of the island, as well as a tribe of Barbarians that have a tenuous alliance with the giants. Just like the rest of the island, the mountains are bone chillingly cold, and horribly hostile, partly due to weather and partly due to the inhabitants. At the very top of the mountain is the Dark Spires, and inside live the Fire Giants.

Much of the mountain itself is scalable, and you can tackle it from either the south or eastern end, but both ways lead to the top, provided you can best the fauna. Points of interest on the mountain include the Dark Spires, and the ruins of the Dungeon of Horror. There is also a Barbarian Camp inside a cave at the foot of the mountains, and south-west of the mountain is the Frozen Wastes.