Brogendenstein Orcs

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Brogendenstein Orc

Type Spawn
Regions Brogendenstein, Forest and Cave


Brogendenstein Orc Archer

The Brogendenstein Orcs are not the typical greenskin orcs that many are used to. Most of the Orcs in this tribe have skin in blue and purple hues, though the classic greenskin is not entirely unknown. This Orc has a thick longbow reinforced with bone, with some string that looks like it's made of animal sinew. The arrows are primitive, but when they hit you, you realize that the make doesn't matter when it still hurts as bad as it does. [1]

Brogendenstein Orc Warrior

This Orc seems built for the frontlines of combat and raiding, and carries a large axe that seems to turn blue in the daylight. Anything the orc brings it near seems to flash freeze, including your flesh and blood. His shield as nearly as tall as he is, and he has no problem using it as cover to defend against your attacks. [1]

Brogendenstein Orc Shaman

Blueskinned like the rest of his tribe, this orc wears much less armor than his comrades, preferring fur robes and garments. He carries a large scepter and waves it around, commanding the other orcs to protect him. In the heat of battle, he calls down powerful clerical spells to heal and protect his allies, and slay intruders. [1]


[1] Staff written creature descriptions by Tormak.