Buck-Tooth Clan

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“Gadju, Gadja!.”
Residence The Brokentooth cave
Leader Smack Buck-Tooth
Alignment all evil and neutral
Races Goblins, Hobgoblins, Ogrillons
Deity maglubiyet, The goblin Pantheon

What is the Buck Tooth Clan?

The Buck-Tooth Clan is a group of Goblinoids that is resident in Brokentooth cave. Most of them are relevants of the brokentooths but some are goblins from the mainland. It is a community where the goblins can be goblins. The majority of them are evil or neutral aligned and of the uncivilised sort.

This faction is supposed to be a home and RP community for goblinoid PCs.

Brief history:

The term Buck-Tooth first appeared on Amia when Smush, a goblin battlepriest of Maglubyjet, gathered several goblins around him and founded as self-claimed chieftain the Buck-Tooth clan. Having created an organized community for goblinoids, the number of Smush's followers grew quickly.

At this time Shaman Mallulu, who used to be an adventuring goblin for a long time, decided to return to the brokentooth caverns again and join the clan. Mallulu, who turned out to be one of the most intelligent goblins of the island and moreover a powerfull spellcaster, quickly gained the clan's respect and even became Smush's right hand and advisor.

Smush was not only known as a tyranic and strict leader but as religious fanatic,too. Therefore he even forbid his fellow goblins to have any non-hostile interactions with humanoids.

Organized raids, robberys and sacrifices became daily progress to the goblins. Whereas Smush methods became more radical and less coordinated, Mallulu, who always adviced Smush not to draw too much of the adventurers attention and agressions, tried to hold him back and work towards to more diplomatic methods. The duo of Smush as Chieftain and Mallulu as his advisor were a solid foundation for the leadership of such an goblin clan and the numbers of followers were continuesly growing.

The clan's power seemed to increase steadily until one day, Smush was unexpected assassinated. A powerhungry goblin cut his throat while Smush was asleep. His corpse was never found and the only hint, that could proove the actual death of the chieftain was the blood in his sleeping chamber. The goblin assassin claimed himself to be the new chieftain but he did not have any backup of the goblins. Many of them left the caves and for several months it looked like the Buck-Tooth clan was history.

Buck-Tooth goblins were rarely seen on the island until Mallulu gathered the remaining goblins around him and officially took over the leadership as high shaman of the clan. With a new head in their middle, once again the goblins, hobgoblins and other followers and friends of the clan can be seen united and in growing numbers.

Then during mallulus rule, a war was waged with all the elves on the isle, several attacks on their home city, winya, and random picking off in the wilds, the appernt war was never settled as over, both sides just stopped fighting one day, though the sides are still hostile agasint eachother.

Mallulu was becmoing old, and was not seen as often, so in his stead the Female goblin Dill took over with no oppisition, numbers grew, a slower rate than normal, and her tactic of keeping low was working, after a while she appealed for bans to be lifted in certain areas, the buck-tooth can now freely roam outside the wal of bendir dale.

Dill was seen less and less as the numbers of the buck-tooths were in decline once more. she became distant and seen not so much near the caves anymore, coming in to pick up the packages that were left for her.

Why should i want to join that odd clan?

Are you sick of all the 'monster' PCs that behave like adventurer's puppies and act like the nice boy next door? You would rather be in the company of smelling, unmannered creatures who give a wet fart about who urinated in Farmer Holvin's garden? In that case you should join our community and enjoy the simple and entertaining life of a Buck-Tooth!

How do i join that neat faction?

First of all you get yourself a cute goblin, hobgoblin, ogrillon PC if you dont have one already. Then you ask around if anyone has seen Smack Buck-Tooth(W1shM4k3r) and ask for an audience or better: RP a bit with the other Buckies, who will surely sooner or later direct you to him. Preferable ingame. Should that appear not to work for some reason you can send (Leader, Which is no one) a private message in the forum or poke him ingame when you see him online.