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The average joe Calimshan.
Type: Humanoid
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Habitat: Coramshan
Subrace of: Humans
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Playable: Yes

Basic Information

The Calimshan are shorter and more frail than most of their Human cousins. Their eyes, hair, and skin tone are all a dusky brown.

The Calimshan regard themselves as the rightful lords of all lands south and west of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Their society is very tolerant of slavery, which is one of Coramshan's top exports.

History and Description

The Calimshan hail from a southwestern kingdom now called Coramshan. They are descendants of slaves to the Djinni. The Djinni had reigned over the Calimshan with an iron fist until sometime before 606 DR. Around this time, it is said that the power of the Djinni declined, and that immediately their slaves seized the opportunity for rebellion. Their revolution was a success, and in 606 DR, the former slaves of the Djinni founded the nation of Coramshan.

Racial Traits

  • Favored class: Sorcerer
  • +1 Int, +1 Cha, -1 Con, -1 Wis
  • Bonus Feat: Silver Palm
  • -2 Discipline