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Sir Robert of Caris
“Coat-of-Arms of the abdicated Barony.”
Region Ruathym
Ruler Baron Robert of Caraigh (former)
Lord Blackmoor (former)
Government Feudal Monarchy (former)
Population Human
Religion Chauntea, Lathander


Caraigh is an island in the region of Ruathym close to the Jarldom of Wiltun, amid the vast Trackless Sea. It is a place long since fallen into to ruin, with most of it's civilization wiped out and the forest and wild beasts, the living dead and fiends from the pits of the abyss claiming and roaming the lands that once belonged to the people over six decades ago.


Anyone travelling through Caraigh sees the remnants of what once was a beautiful and fair land. Two of the villages are now claimed by nature as the wilds engulf them, the houses nothing more than ruins that stand as a silent testimony to what occurred sixty years ago. Blackmoor Keep has become the personification of the betrayl of the former monarchs to it's people and is the place the taint is most powerful, many saying that the cursed lords still live within it.

Most of the roads are nearly non existent and haunted by the creatures of the taint, the walking dead, goblins, orcs and bandits. The forbidding woodlands have long spread over the fields that once were. To the north high dark cliffs surround the island with dark jagged stones protruding from the sea. In the north west region Blackmoor covers the lands, a wetland with some flooding of large areas of land by shallow bodies of water in which a horrifying cursed creature is rumored to live.



Caraigh once was a Jarldom ruled by the Lords of Blackmoor and the Jarl Cabain of Aigheshed. Due to their practices of demonology and rituals to the foul Demon Lord named Orcus they have tainted the lands and soon they swiftly fell into ruin. Six decades these lands were unruled, plagued by the deeds of the former sovereign. In 1379 DR the cormyte noble Baron Robert of Caraigh had the lands united under his rule as a provisional monarch. His rule and the unity he created did not survive to the beginning of the Second Blight and was ended by a majority vote.

1319 - 1377 DR - The First Blight

Most records speaking of the history of the land and the first blight stem from reports with little possibility of factual checking. The Blackmoors were the feudal lords of Caraigh, their seat of power being Blackmoor Keep. Serjeant Hirth of Ceyren's Mill described him as a demon worshipping psychopath who terrorized his subjects into obedience.

Lord Blackmoor enjoyed to hunt. He had a large pack of particularly vicious Luskan hunting hounds that he raised on the flesh of his victims. So accustomed to human flesh, they became that they refuse to eat anything else. Some of these twisted creatures still roam the wilds of the land.

What is known is that Lord Blackmoor has risen to lichdom. It is speculated that the carcass impaled by the magical blade in the Crypts of Aigheshed is his own. During the First Blight the village of Aigheshed was destroyed and another village just south of the former location of Blackmoor Keep.

The land from there on had no government and was largely avoided by the outside due to it's cursed nature. Nearly six decades continued with little changes, until the arrival of the Shadowflame Family and the construction of their keep on the north eastern edge of the land, the arrival of the Hidden Glade that settled in the northern region of Dormwood, a few adventurers who ran the Singing Sun Tavern and the first signs of the Mystic Blade Academy.

1378 - 1379 DR - The Barony of Caraigh

Sir Robert was the monarch of the Barony of Caraigh from 1378 - 1379 DR, at which point he abdicated. In the first months of his arrival he worked towards the cleansing of the taint left by the First Blight. When the Church of Bane arrived in the lands, he worked against their endeavor of occupation. With the support of the Shadowflames, the Mystic Blades, the Hidden Glade of Caraigh, as well as outside forces such as the Triadic Knights, the War Knights, the Eternal Order and the Dawnguard he took the position of Baron and Monarch of Caraigh. The majority of the population resident in Ceyren's Mill had no say in this matter, and reluctantly yet silently accepted the change. This was likely through the calming words of Samantha Lockheart, and the trust the people had in her judgement of the matter.

Through the support of the foreign military orders and his less than a dozen strong force of men-at-arm, that consisting only roughly to fifty percent of locals, he saw to the full withdrawl of the Banite Force, with mainly diplomatic measures. Only a month later he once again was faced with the threat of a Banite occupation of the land, as a new Imperceptor was named by the Church of Bane. This time the threat did not last longer than two days. The Baron met with the Imperceptor, as he had done with her predecessor, and their conversation was concluded with the acknowledged of the Church of Bane of the standing banishment of their faith from the Barony of Caraigh, and their agreement of an armed truce. This would stand as long as no military actions would be taken against the Church of Bane by the sovereignty outside of their lands.

While his role as monarch mainly consisted of tactical and strategic decisions to win and end military conflicts, the Baron used all his influence and standing outside of the land to fund and plan renovation efforts. He was convinced the greatest threat to the land was the taint and the power it had. He funded research of the taint with foreign donations and his personal treasury. Another concern were the victims of the taint, which led to another investment in the Asylum to aid in the medical process. He personally oversaw the plans for a palisade wall around Ceyren's Mill and a western expansion, the creation of an armory to arm up to one hundred recruits in case of war, and the purchase of building materials for his infrastructural and defensive-military plans.

During his reign his standing within the Triadic Knights, the Eternal Order and the Dawnguard helped him calm a situation between the kelemvorite and lathanderite military Orders that was near escalating to warfare. He pursued a two way domestic policy towards the standing crime in the land, on one hand offering a chance for outlaws to lay down their arms, and through work to rebuild Caraigh regain their status as citizens, while those who did not were hunted down and tried harshly for their deeds. The cultists of Orcus did not have the benefit of his well-intent, and were pursued with violence where ever they were sighted. The more the land calmed, the more privileges and responsibilities he handed to the territories, allowing them more autonomy step by step.

He ended his provisional government two months before the date he would have been required to by the promise he made when he took the throne. It was felt this time of peace would allow a proper transition of government, one that would be near impossible in difficult times. The voting process was conducted by Samantha Lockheart, the head of the Mystic Blade Academy and trusted councilor of the Baron. While the foreign support that had secured him the crown remained behind him, except the War Knights, only the Hidden Glade in majority voted for a monarchy. A vote that would have almost certainly meant his rule would continue. The Shadowflame Family, now solely consisting of Lord Cory Shadowflame, did not cast their voice, and Ceyren's Mill in majority decided to remove the government and return to every community holding absolute autonomy themselves once more. The extension of hospitality to their former sovereign was politely declined, and the Baron and his family left the land they had invested almost all their wealth in. He did not return until the Second Blight. The time that Caraigh was united had ended with his abdication.

1379 DR - 1380 DR - The Second Blight

The Second Blight manifested soon after the regained autonomy of the communities. As the Avatar of Orcus stepped upon the soil of Caraigh, he cast a dark shadow over the land and it's people. Cultists were now roaming the lands in greater number and greater power, and there was no doubt the land would fall if aid did not come. The Dawnguard were the first to arrive, and remained in great force. The Eternal Order and Triadic Knights followed, and were accompanied by a very minor presence of the War Knights. Many adventurers offered their aid as well, and stood by the people. Even prominent individuals such as High Councilor Foilinar Steelfist of Barak Runedar came to the island. With their support, the Hidden Glade under Eldaina, the Mystic Blades under Samantha Lockheart and lord Cory Shadowflame worked tirelessly against this threat.

Despite the great efforts of the defenders, Ceyren's Mill fell to the power of the Second Blight as the cultists and the minions of Orcus marched against it. The plans of defensive structures had not been realized, and it was soon clear that the residents had to be protected through a full retreat to the Shadowflame Keep to the east. Sergeant Hirth, a veteran from the First Blight fell in this gruesome battle. Strategic assets such as the armory, treasury and material reserves left by former government were lost.

The lacking order and discipline became a central problem in the ranks of the defenders. Infighting became a daily strain. The expulsion of the Dawnguard from the defensive effort, and the split between the Hidden Glade and the Mystic Blades was barely prevented by the former sovereign. What followed was a decision made by the council of the defenders (Father Darian, Elder Seamus, Eldaina, Samantha Lockheart) and a group of representatives of the foreign orders (Lord Yaston Sylgerand). The command of the forces and defense of the island was entrusted to Samantha Lockheart, a woman trusted by the people of Ceyren's Mill.


1380 - DR - A New Beginning