Carrion Crawler

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Carrion Crawler

Carrion Crawler.jpg
Type Spawn
Race Aberration
Regions Cordor Sewers

Game Description

Malnourished Carrion Crawler

With a multi-legged and segmented body growing to about 9 feet long, this creature looks like a cross between a giant green cutworm and a cephalopod. Eight slender tentacles protrude from its head, directly above its mandibles. Each tentacle is about two feet long and a rank odour accompanies this clearly aberrant beast.


Carrion crawlers are an unnatural beasts, appearing as giant caterpillars with long tentacles at their maw. They are about 9 feet long, with the 8 tentacles about two feet. The body is segmented and they have about 22 legs in total though the number varies depending on the size of each creature. Their eyes coloration is a dirty greenish white, their eyes a deep black.

Carrion crawlers, as the name implies, feed on rotting meat, but will also attack any fresh pray. Their tentacles can normally paralyze their prey. However these creatures seem less potent, their tentacles heavily impairing movement. Like the insects they resemble their legs can attach to any surface, making them excellent climbers. Be wary of them attacking from a wall or a ceiling. Their scent can give them away, though this advantage is easily lost in a sewer.

The paralyzing goo and their aberrant appearance are reasons enough not to try to eat them. The question is if there is anything that feeds on carrion crawlers perhaps carrion crawlers themselves. The larger examples clearing of the smaller ones. The goo however can be processed and used to numb an slow opponents so a certain business can be made in gathering these components.


Their attack can impair movement.
Crawler enzyme is a useful component for many healers and can be sold at a profit.