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Starting a faction

Leading a faction

Anyone can lead a faction, but it is expected that the leader of one is prepared to devote a lot of their time for it. Also, one player can not lead multiple factions at the same time. You can not, for example, be a drow matron and the commander of the Knights of Winya. However, leading a faction does not restrict you from joining other factions as a regular member.

Joining a faction

Each faction has different methods of recruiting. Some are open factions that your character can attempt to join by simply asking a member. A Personal Message on the Amia forums to the leader of the faction often works as well. Other factions are more restricted or hidden. You may have to look around carefully, or even simply wait to be found by the faction members.

Often factions have certain requirements. Some might accept only evil characters, while others want characters who are devoted to upholding the law. There may also be class- and race-restrictions. These will be detailed under each faction's article.

Creating a faction page

To create a new character page, enter the name in the Search box, click Go, click Create this page.

Example Faction Page - Feel free to copy the code and use it for your own page.