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Character opinions

As of the moment she left Amia.

Aerwyn -

Alanna Molov -

Ar'yasews -

Budly Bundly -

Brognar Stonefist -

Floriane Taurielle -

Gers Amraphennen -

Gillaria Avares -

Jackara -

Jayna Sinthale' Kenlyl -

Jhon Treeburden -

Llewyn Forest -

Raisa Claddath -

'Taz' -

Thamian Everstar -

Theos Gend -

Valafein Do'Ndar -

Valkirya Claddath -

Vyashir Indrire -

Wiggan Claddath - Dance, dance with me over the shimmering surface of brilliant water, over golden meadows and endless plains, over the russet ground in frozen forests and into my world, where forever we will stay. Come with me to a mossy glade covered in mist at dawn, with a still pool never touched by man and rings of toadstools in the moonlight. To a mystical realm of perfection, where trees covered with emerald green leaves bathe this ancient realm in a multitude of colours, where vines spread out above glistening waterfalls and freshest silver streams that pass through. There everything is perfect harmony, wolves lie down with stags and faerie lights flow over the land. The edges around everything are softer there, either by faerie glamour or the gentle mists that cling to the ground. There, we will be at peace.

Come, come with me...

Willow -

Yossarin -

Zeral Theyodine -

NPC opinions

Garm -

Griff -