Circle Of Balance

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Circle of Balance

The Great Duir
The Circle of Balance “To live with nature is to live in an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”
Affiliations Oakmist Vale
Archdruids Malandria,
Previous Archdruids Delith,
Alitha Melie Silverarrow,
Theos Gend,
Briseis Hawkins
Anade Evriana
Members Mostly Druids and Rangers.
Entry Requirements The trials of ascension
Purpose To preserve, defend, revere, and learn from nature and the ways of the natural world.

Circle of Balance

The Circle of Balance is a island wide phenomenon which strives to speak nature's cause and ultimately defend nature's rights. The Circle of Balance is chiefly made up by protectors from Oakmist Vale though it is not unheard of for protectors with other affiliations to enter the Circle of Balance.

Duir's Grove

Duir's Grove is the single most venerated piece of land on all of Amia to protectors. Its trees are sacred above all else and only a few selected people are even allowed to tread into the grove.

Only councilor members are allowed open access to the Duir's Grove. Council members may bring other protectors and highly trusted friends but are fully responsible for the actions of their guests and must stay with them at all times.

Among the sacred trees there is also the mysterious vault of the Arch Druids. The vault is rumored to hold items considered too dangerous to ever be allowed falling into the wrong hands and thus kept hidden safe in the grove.

Active Council Members

Arch Druids

Elana - ArchDruid of Air
Malandria - Archdruid of Earth

Active Members

Azaquis - Arcane Archer
Belladonna - Ranger
Chiania Windleaf - Shifter/Druid
Floriane Taurielle - Shadow Dancer
Renesthal - Druid
Theos Gend - Druid
Thysaeryl "Forestsong" - Sorceress/Ranger
Willow Maynare - Druid