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Why Contribute?

The entire database of information is made up of user-contributed material. These contributions is simply put what keeps the wiki alive and full of information. All that you are required to do is to register with a unique username and password. What this means is that any contribution to the wiki is dearly welcomed but - yes, there is a small but...

There are some things which should be kept in mind and certain standards that all contributions ideally should reach. This is to ensure that everybody benefits from the contributions and the wiki itself retains a high standard.

  • Spelling - Many users are not native English speakers and liable to make typos every now and then. There are however ways to keep this to a very minimum. If you are writing a large bloc of text it is a good idea to put the text into Word, Openoffice or similar writing programs to weed out grammatical errors. If you do not have one there is always various options to be found online. One free option is Google Doc where you online can check the spelling in anything you are writing.
  • Sources - Needless to say this is very important when writing anything factual on the wiki. You need to have your sources in order before you write. If possible with exact pages, websites or whatever source used so it can be traced and checked by others. Bear in mind however this only applies to certain subjects. Naturally when you are making an article for your own character you have much more loose hands than when writing about the city state of Cordor.
  • Wiki layout - Try to keep the design of any page functional and on par with the other articles. Remember, you can just copy the layout from the other articles if you are unsure how to do it yourself.
  • Copyright - Please do not just copy/paste large excerpts from a lore book. This is illegal and might get us into trouble. Instead try to rephrase it and simply cite the page from which you are obtaining your information as a source. If you use images from books, please also be sure to cite the source.

Useful Tips

A few useful tips for those new to the wiki layout;

  • Adding "[[]]", without the " establishes an internal link. This means if there is any article in the wiki named what you put inside the "[[]] it will become a clickable blue link. If an article with name does not exist it will be red and lead to nowhere.
  • Remember to add a category when you make a page. If there isn't a suitable category just leave it.

Otherwise resort to Help:Editing and formatting for more help.

With the above points in mind, you should now be able to start adding interesting and informative articles to the AmiaWiki!

Editing the AmiaWiki

Just as anyone who has registered may write a new article, so too can anyone edit an article. Editing should typically be done in order to correct minor spelling or factual errors, add citations, neaten the layout, etc., particularly if the page pertains to a player's own character rather than something about Amia in general. Doing a major rewrite of someone's personal page without their permission would not be good form. Comments about potentially significant changes should be made in the associated 'Discussion' page or, at the very least, in the Summary at the bottom of the 'Edit' page.

If the information in the page is in violation of copyright, incomprehensible or simply outrageous, a comment in the Discussion page would also be in order to attract the attention of the sysops (as they review changes to the Wiki from time to time).

Deleting information from the AmiaWiki

You may notice that previous versions of pages are saved in the 'History'. As such, it is not possible for you to actually delete a page - deleting all the text leaves an empty page but the history can still be accessed. So... why bother?

If you are no longer playing your character, for example, the information still remains in the database. You may as well leave the character page intact, perhaps with a heading at the top to the effect that the character has retired, died, or whatever. Amia, like the real world, has a history, and all the characters who have passed through Amia have contributed to that history in one way or another. Having your character's information to hand makes that history richer.

Pages can be deleted by the AmiaWiki administrators if necessary. If you have a good reason why you would like a particular page removed in its entirety, please contact a DM or a wiki SysOp.