Copper Industries

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Copper Industries
Copper Industries
"For all your commercial needs!"
Location Kohlingen
Established 1380 DR
Faction Type Trade House
Colors Copper and Green
Leader Zelly
Member Skills Crafting
Requirements Management Approval
Faiths/Alignments All Non-Evil
Status Active

Company Overview

Copper Industries is a Merchant and Trading Company based in Kohlingen. They serve all people of Amia and its surrounding regions, except for those of malign intent or blood. It is heavily composed of characters who utilize the Amian Job System as well as the Mythal Crafting System. In addition to these services, Copper Industries holds two forms of auctions: Company and Consignment. Company Auctions are held by associates with a skill for mercantile functions, while Consignment Auctions are hosted by company Management and consist of items belonging to a client who does not wish to tend to auctions on their own. The company receives a 10% commission on all winnings of a Consignment Auction.

The company is open to all Good and Neutral characters that wish to have a part in a commercial organization. Associate duties required of all employees vary by job, all of which will be explained to any new recruit.

Company meetings are held when the faction leader feels one is necessary. All faction members are encouraged to attend if they are able to, as the faction is heavily social and requires consistent communication between all involved. The Copper Industries forum is public and open for anyone to place orders, requests, or notices.

Active Members


Zelly (Owner)
Ratin Immil (Chief Manager)


Malatril Bannilylth
Emilly MacMillian
Ania Peilo
Kaytie Meliea
Kristinne Dawn Mars
Rua'sali Tyrmitore
Aaegus Clenn
Tairisrade Athradi


Aly'dra My'rahel
Vinn'do Wetter
Kaithan Cylverand

Arcane Services

Research Team

Tuomas Valo

Other Services

Salema Nefahri

Board of Directors

The Copper Industries Board if Directors is a council of like-minded individuals who have purchased an overwhelming amount of stock in the company. As primary shareholders, these individuals act as representatives of their respective organizations or settlements and are given full access to all records and resources in the company's possession.

Current Board Seats

Bendir Dale
Oakmist Vale
Winya Ravana
Barak Runedar
Shrine of Eilistraee
Seven Stars Academy



The Crafting Department consists of Associates who build or craft various items. The following professions are currently supported by active company personnel. Those marked with an asterisk(*) indicate professions of which the company is currently seeking to hire more.

Armor Smith
Gold Smith
Weapon Smith


The Trades Department consists of Associates who grow or gather a variety of resources. The following professions are currently supported by active personnel. Those marked with an asterisk(*) indicate professions of which the company is currently seeking to hire more.

Big Game Hunter
Market Gardener
Undead Hunter

Arcane Services

The Arcane Services department is comprised of arcanists and scholars who are capable of crafting arcane and divine potions, wands, and scrolls. Additionally, those who have been trained with a specialty in Mythal Crafting are members of this department.


A Copper Industries Services Catalogue was written by Zelly and released to all Surface locations. It details prices for all goods and services. Items that are not on the list can still be purchased if arranged and authorized by Management. Prices are subject to lower, but never to rise. Clients are able to pursue contracts for construction, goods acquisitions, or other projects which will be approved on a case-by-case basis.


Copper Industries is always looking to hire more associates. As such, they offer many perks to their Associates. Each Associate receives a 10% commission in pieces on all projects, as well as a monthly salary of 50,000 gold coins (characters below level 25 will only receive 25,000 gold coins, as per the server's twinking rules). In addition to this, all Associates receive a 10% discount on all services and ending auction winning bids. Associates are allowed to bid in all company and consignment auctions and the discount will be applied to the end price after the closing of the auction.

In order to better facilitate a variety of professions, Copper Industries offers to pay for all lessons new Associates may need in furthering their skills in their given profession. Additionally, the company will pay 100,000 gold coins for anyone willing to learn to master a profession for which the company is in need. The current list of needed professions for this offer is as follows:

Market Gardener


Political Stance

The company has several allies throughout the regions and takes a firm stance against the machinations of evil, but they do not actively pursue conflicts with those who are considered of ill intent. Instead, Copper Industries actively supports all goodly organizations and settlements and uses its resources where it can to bring peace and prosperity to those who need it most. A charity event is one way that the company may assist a group or settlement in need.


All services and goods of Copper Industries are available to the general public, with a few exceptions. As the owner of the company is a child of Bahamut and a descendent of copper dragons, she has made it company policy that the services offered are not extended to those of evil mind, blood, or intent. Not only does she personally have a firm stance against these individuals, but the current headquarters location in Kohlingen prohibits their entrance, as well. It has been indicated that certain people may be able to become an exception to this policy, but it would require the indicated individual to prove his or her good intent to the Management.

The following list shows more specifically who cannot request company services or bid in company auctions:

Chromatic Dragon Kin
Demon-Bloods (full, half, or tiefling)
Devil-Bloods (full, half, or tiefling)
Anyone Born of Blood from the Lower Planes
Drow Not Approved by the Shrine of Eilistraee
Servants of Evil Deities
Pale Masters
Criminals Currently Banned from Kohlingen

The following list shows those who must have some kind of sponsorship from an associate within the company before placing an order to be approved by the Management:


The second list is in place due to unfortunate circumstances and past incidents which have involved the "monster races" as they are called. Copper Industries will work with these individuals if an associate of the company can vouch for them personally. Each case will be determined on an individual basis.


The company has instated a blacklist which is comprised of individuals known to have dealings with or to support evil creatures or people, as outlined in the Clientele policy. People can also be added to the list if they are found to trade or peddle items that are suited to evil creatures or people, such as gear enchanted specifically to harm those of pure heart. These individuals are banned from all Copper Industries dealings and auctions, and associates are not to deal with them due to their direct opposition to company ideals and policies. Individuals can be removed from the Blacklist if they make the decision to refuse to trade or deal with the aforementioned creatures or people, but those placed on the Blacklist due to their own peddling of evil wares will have a much more difficult time. The current Copper Industries Blacklist is as follows:

Esteban Calliente
Neline Swift
Vaekin Leafcrawler
Qualamin Leafrunner
Pang En'Geven
Amras Elanesse
Tempest Styrian
Hashim Hoios
Don Slade t'Colton
Lucius Blackwater