Cordorian Guard

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Cordorian Adventuring Guard

Cordorian Guard.jpg
Cordorian Guard “Defenders of Cordor.”
Residence Cordor
Captain Nevaeh Tarvencia
Previous Captains Rowan Peters
Brognar Stonefist
Gaylord Signe
Thilidar Villder
Hunar Iroff
Boy Shinkicker
Earylduil Na'fairel
Amarice D'Elaraliel
Metalien Sikth
Gillaria Avares
Phenwick LaMont
Metalien Aerman
Classes All except Barbarian
Entry Requirements Talent, determination, and understanding of Law.
Purpose To defend the city of Cordor and its inhabitants


The Cordorian Guard is a player run faction, dedicated to the upholding of law throughout the city of Cordor.

About the Guard

The Cordorian Adventuring Guard has for many years been dedicated to upholding peace, law, and order in the city of Cordor. Under the control of the Commonwealth and the command of its captain, this large group of men and women work day and night to protect the city's citizens.

The current captain of the Cordorian Guard is Nevaeh Tarvencia.

The Ranks

Primary Ranks


This is the first rank any guard gets to see, comparable to that of a commoner; this ranking holds very little power. Upon reaching this rank, the guard is granted a suit of Private's armor (in the type they wear) and informed of the general regulations and procedures of being a Cordorian Guard. This position is held for two months as the higher ranked Cordorian Guards train them and assess their ability to enforce the law fairly. Privates usually end up performing community service and as dish hands in the barracks during the quiet shifts to make up for the lazy sergeants they serve under.

Private uniforms are Gray with Dark Brown trim.


The most common guard is a Private. These guards bear the ability to use the Cordorian Jails, in addition to fining people gold for law violations. This is also the first rank where a guard receives a monthly salary for their work, assuming they're showing up for duty.

Private uniforms are Gray with Gray trim.


Privates who show excellence in their work over a period of time may come to see the rank of Sergeant. Sergeants can give orders to Privates and Corporals, and are usually a leader of a small workforce within the Cordorian Guard. While tier pay is increased, they gain no further abilities in the force.

Sergeant uniforms are Gray with Cordor Blue trim.


Second in command, Lieutenants hold a fair amount of power within the Cordorian Guard. Attaining this rank is no small feat, and requires dedication, skill, and a clean record to attain. Answering up to the Captain only, Lieutenants often work to relay information to Sergeants, or give a Sergeant orders within a force, which he or she would use within their segment of Privates and Corporals. Lieutenants occasionally handle matters that a Captain would, given his permission, such as hiring new recruits and handling guard salary for the lower ranks.

Lieutenants also gain access to the customized Cordorian Guard Shackles, a magical pair of irons that can bind anything, willing or otherwise.

Lieutenant uniforms are Gray with Dark Green trim.


The leader of the Cordorian Guard ranks, the Captain holds considerable influence within the unit. Often working with the Commonwealth directly, the Captain relays information, orders, and general training towards the rest of the unit as a whole. His/Her word is final in most cases.

Captain uniforms are Gray with Amber trim.

Other Positions

Covert Operations Team

A small group of men, unofficially hired under the Cordorian Guard. Often used for keeping a third eye on someone or something suspicious, these people bear no standing power in the guard. Often trained in stealth, they work beneath the Captain directly to complete minor missions.

Current Covert Operations Team Members : [Classified]

'The Brutes'

A somewhat powerful task force, often used whenever the Cordorian Guard needs more strength of arms against a major issue, such as an attack against the city or a chain-murderer on the loose. Not officially recorded in the listings, these men and women have no authority within Cordor, though they often get paid a considerable sum for their work when required.

Current Brutes : [Classified]


"So, you wanna be a guard huh? Well, there's a few things you'll have to learn first! Can you use a sword? if not, can you at least do something good with a spell or your hands? Really. Half the job takes force! Can you work in a team? Can you treat your job with due respect? If you could say yes to all these, then... Maybe you'll make a good guard."

The recruiting for the Cordorian Guard is quite hard at times. Most of the time, a certain criteria must be met before one is even considered... Such as:

  • Never having broken a serious law (Such as: Assault, Murder, Theft, Resisting Arrest).
  • Must have some combat prowess.
  • Be known by the Cordorian Guard.
  • Must be sponsored by at least two trustworthy or well known members of the Commonwealth or Guard.
  • Able to operate effectively in a team, both giving orders and accepting orders.
  • Able to show good judgment and quick-thinking in strenuous circumstances.

Also, one must be able to pass the varying tests presented by the Captain and his Lieutenants. Though the details of these are closely guarded.

Assuming the tests are passed, and the recruit proves that he or she may be a valuable asset to the guard, they will need to serve two months as a Private, a rank of no power as the higher ranking officers assesses their ability to operate in the environment.