Crew of the Silversail

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The Crew of the Silversail

Captain Captain Hayes 'Cutlass' McKenzie
Crew Mostly Rogues and Bards.


The Crew of the Silversail are a small group, consisting of about six members who were loyal to the captain at the time of the mutiny.


For years, a group of 'bandits' wandered the Sword Coast, following the trail of a larger bandit group and collecting the loot that was left behind for themselves. This group was lead by a man called Hayes McKenzie, and they did their best to live off their loot, stolen from freshly raided houses. A year or so passed of this life that the group shared, but it all came to an end one day, when, on a dark night following yet another scavanger raid, a member of the group was killed, stabbed by a bandit that had remained in the town. That member's name was Timmy, a scruffy teenager who tagged along with the group in an attempt to get somewhere in his life. Though he had not been a well-known or liked member of the group, after his death, the group began to wonder - would they meet the same fate? The bandit group they followed could easily turn around and kill them all if so they chose, and in the towns along the Sword Coast, local guardsmen were beginning to take notice of their actions. After a series of meetings, they eventually came up with the idea of each member going their own ways for a time, to gather enough gold to purchase a sea-faring ship. They did so, and managed to gather enough gold over the course of a few months to both purchase a ship and hire a crew of around thirty men. After a few weeks of preparation, they had set sail on the Silversail, a mid-sized Corvette, with a large crew now in tow.

Time passed on the Sea of Swords with little activity, only having robbed two small ships with little gold over the course of a month. Supplies had reached half of what they were when they had set off from the port, and the crew were starting to get restless. Luckily for the group, however, they came across a second Corvette, bound to an unknown port, but like them coming from the the Sword Coast. One sea battle with the ship's crew later and Hayes' men were looting all they could find from the ship. A small store of explosives were found, much to the delight of the crew members, as well as valuables, food and fresh water. The crew, now motivated once again, went on to attack and raid two more ships within the week, by sheer luck and skill. They pulled in to port and sold all that they had no use for. Then, after a couple of peaceful nights, they set sail once again. This time, however, they fared worse than they had their first voyage - three small ships with little valuables or supplies, taken by the crew with ease over the course of two and a half months. When another two weeks passed without any contact with other ships, the crew's moral cracked. Herman 'Longarm' Mecklen mutinied, along with the majority of the crew, against Hayes and five of his trusted companions. They were put onto one of the dinghys they had captured earlier in the month, then left to fend for themselves in the Sea of Swords.

A few weeks passed on the boat without any contact with the outside world. By the time they reached the shore of Amia, almost a month had passed, the food supply had been exhausted, and the amount of people on the small boat had dwindled to five from the original six. The thought of fresh water, the memories of having to devour their friend Gregory only a week before, and now the chance to a new life and a half-decent meal plagued their minds.


Captain Hayes 'Cutlass' McKenzie

Bryanna 'Benny' Weken

Vincent 'Buddy' Nightwish


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