Crystal Caves

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Crystal Caves, as the name says, are literally sparkling due to the riches what are in the cave. There is no corner, where one couldn't see some gemstones...

The major inhabitants of the Crystal Caves are the Gulgars, who guard the cave and its treasures fiercely. Deeper within the cave is a Diamond Golem, powered by one very large diamond that can often be pried out and sold once the Golem is dismantled. The creator of the Golem is unknown, nor is the reason known as to why the Golem is there.

At one time, the Crystal Caves used to be owned by fierce Bugbears, and it also connected to the Quagmires near Kohlingen. Over time, the Bugbears were driven out by the Gulgars as well as the Lizardmen who had begun pressing into the area, and the old connections were collapsed. Now the caves truly go nowhere except in and out of the hills in the Pass of Despair.