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Custom Skinned Summons or Familiars

At the price of 10 DCs, you may purchase a new skin for your chosen summoned creature or familiar, or companion.

Roleplay reason and story is required; why is your character able to summon such a creature instead of the normal one the spell defines?

The new summoned creature's align may not clash with the summoner's align if applicable, IE, evil may not summon good planar creature.

The new creature's power must be about the same as the base summon's. You may not purchase a dragon skin for "Summon Creature I" spell's summoned creature. Use common sense here, what would make sense ICly. You may, however, purchase a different dragon skin for your dragon summon, for an example.

For arcane caster familiars and animal companions common sense applies as well. It'd take a pretty damn good reason to be able to summon a pit fiend instead of a hell hound.

The base summon's actual powers do not change, only the appearance and the name. The name may be custom, or it can be the name of the summoned creature, ("Fluffy" or "Summoned Flying Horse", for an example) depending on the story and personal preferance.

Notes for making a request for custom skinned summon:

- remember to include the name of the spell you wish to reskin, and state what kind of creature it summons presently - include a little story of how your PC is able to summon this new creature - include the basics of your PC (classes, align, deity, etc) - remember punctuation and paragraphs!

A few remarks:


  • The name, skin and portrait of a summon are changed
  • If the original summon changes when you gain a level the new skin has to be reset

Animal companions and familiars

  • The skin and portrait are changed, not the name
  • You never have to update the new skin once it is set


  • Make sure that the new skin is about the same size as you old skin. No faeries changing into dragons, for example.
  • Take custom summons at high levels, please, or we have to reset the tool 3 times a day. We might attach a cost to that if it happens often. Companions and familiars do not suffer this restriction.