Defenders of Kohlingen

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Defenders of Kohlingen

“Aiding the helpless wherever and whenever possible.”
Residence Kohlingen
Leader Sovann
Previous Leaders Celene Nai'lo
Christophan Warrick
Mila Fryar
Thamian Everstar
Moirianov Dammennerrse
Rowan Peters
Sir Hector Tormigan
Sharina Fryar
Gerian Dragonslayer
Classes All non-evil, Paladins
Entry Requirements The Oath of the Defenders
Purpose Aiding the helpless wherever and whenever possible. Defending the city of Kohlingen. Fighting the powers of evil.
Colors Gold and blue


The Defenders of Kohlingen were a Order of the City of Kohlingen. It was however not one dedicated to one a certain faith such as the Triadic Knights, but an assortment of different individuals who dedicated themselves to promoting good around the island and protect the City of Kohlingen. In the late days they developed more to a paladin order, however quickly died out after the founding of the Triadic Knights and the rising of the Eternal Order of Kelemvor. Some of the most influential and known individuals were once members of the Defenders of Kohlingen, such as Trent and Kald Blake, Christophan Warrick the Bursar, Ministry of Health and Public Welfare of Cordor, Grand Master Sharina Fryar of the Eternal Order and sir Hector Tormigan of Kohlingen, the founder of the Triadic Knights.


1200 - 1220 DR - The Founding

Leaving the ranks of the Knights of Benwick over a disagreement of ethics and morality, a small outpost known as Kohlingen was established by Lord Darius Tristam. With the creation of this outpost came the founding of the Defenders of Kohlingen, a military order tasked as guardians of the small community. The story of Nebessa tells that Kohlingen had to win a war against the Duchy of Cordor before it maintained it's position. After the war more and more peopled flooded to the outpost, and over time it grew into the city that it is now.

1220 - 1250 DR - The First Decline

With the departure of Lord Darius Tristam, the position of Justicar came to be. Through the council of the Defenders, the Justicar was determined and confirmed. Later the Justicar built up his own beaurocracy and created his own military order - the Everguards. Lord Darius Tristam left a priest named Kenji to lead the defenders, but slowly they vanished.

1373 DR - The Return

A drow paladin of Elistraee known as Celene Nai'lo calls the Defenders back into existence. Christophan R. Warrick follows Celene Nai'lo as the head of the military order. In this time they were not as much a paladin order as they were a military order. In his time Warrick won a few battles against the Horde, but the most famous one is the Battle of Nexus Falls, where three Defenders: Elina Warrick, Wagnard the archmage and he saved the Nexus falls and the forest itself.

1373 DR - The Rise

After the departure of Warrick, Milla Fryar and the wizard Wagnard became the head of the Defenders. Milla Fryar adopted a frost giant child, known as Sharina. The Defenders had become an order of paladins, priests and men of faith. As the two current leaders departed the isle, Thamian Everstar took their place. During this time many later influential men and women served together in the Defenders. Among them was Sharina Fryar, Rowan Peters, sir Hector Tormigan, Vurk Amuu and Valykria D'Claddath.

1374 DR - The New Age

With Raziel and Sharina Fryar taking the leadership of the order, the Defenders were called to stand against various grave threats. Clockwork Golemns haunted the region and the host of undead marched against the city from Kohlingen Manor. This year also marked the time when the Defenders break their alliance with the Cordor Guard. Captain Earyduil recruited a blackguard and refuses the request of Grand Master Raziel to remove him.

1375 DR - The Horde Returns

Under the leadership of sir Hector Tormigan, the Defenders of Kohlingen stand against the return of the Horde. Kohlingen grew during this time and changed. Kohlingen Keep, the Temple of Kelemvor and The Temple of the Triad's Light were constructed. The temple of Torm was moved from Cordor to Kohlingen. The city more and more became a sacred place for the faithful of the gods of light and justice. The position of Grand Master passed from sir Hector to Sionnin and then later to Aurora.

1375 - 1376 DR - The Split of the Defenders

The rule of Grand Master Aurora was indeed a short one. Sharina Fryar had led the order herself like her mother before her and stood behind many of the Grand Masters as the second in command. As she returned from her travels and pregnancy leave, she vehemently spoke against the order being led by a man who had tiefling and drow blood. She requested he step back from the position, and as he did a small portion of the Defenders broke off who became the outriders. Most who did were individuals Sharina Fryar deemed unworthy to carry the blue and gold cloak.

The newly elected Grand Master Gerian Dragonslayer now led the order, with Sharina Fryar named his second in command and granted the title of Commander. But the reign of the new Grand Master was short. The Justicar approved the proposal of the Blake Brothers, who had lost the election for the seat of Grand Master. This changed the structure of the brotherhood and created a simple council where everyone was equal. Grandmaster Gerian and Commander Sharina bid the Justicar to release them from their vows and duties and turned their back on the Defenders.

Here the Blake Brothers began. During and after the Wyrmshadow Prophecy the Blakes were the main driving force of the military order. However more and more put down their cloaks and left the order. Soon only the Blake Brothers and Sovann remained within their ranks actively. The reputation of the brothers grew darker, and soon even the City of Kohlingen presented doubts to others. At this time Sir Hector Tormigan, a cormyte who was knighted by the Justicar, and who had previously led the Defenders as Grand Master himself, returned from his travels.

1376 DR - The Founding of the Knight-Templar of the Triad's Light

Not long after sir Hector had seen what his old order had become, he decided to call the servants of Triad together. One of the first to respond was a young paladin named Yaston Sylgerand. Many others heeded the call and soon the new order was taking the place of the old order. This brought conflict between the Defenders and the Triadic Knights in the begining, but sir Yaston Sylgerand befriended the Blake Brothers. However sir Hector was a close friend of his former superior and Grand Master, Sharina Fryar. When she became the Grand Master of the Eternal Order, the ties between the Triadic Knights and the Eternal Order were much stronger than between the Triadic Knights and the Defenders.

1376 DR - The Battle at the Temple of Bane

Through the combined efforts of the Triadic Knights, the Eternal Order and the Defenders the Temple of Bane is destroyed.


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