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Titles Prince of Demons, Lord of All That Swims in Darkness
Power Level Demon Lord
Home Plane 88th layer of the Abyss
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Worshipers Evil humans, ixitxachitls
Cleric Alignments CE

Demogorgon holds his title through sheer might alone. His name alone can inspire a primal fear.


The demon towers a full 18 feet tall, his body at once sinuous like that of a snake and powerful like that of a great ape. Two baleful baboon heads leer from atop his lumbering shoulders, attached to which are two long, writhing tentacles. His lower torso is saurian, like some great reptile with an immense forked tail.

Servants, Enemies, and Goals

Inside the Prince of Demons rages a secret war for control of himself. Demogorgon has two heads and therefore two minds, and each one seeks domination of the other. Aameul is the persona in control of Demogorgon's left head, while Hethradiah controls the right. Each is unable to control the other, nor could one slay the other without also perishing.

By most definitions, this internal conflict would be described as insanity, but that would be applying inappropiate mortal standards to one whom such standards can never apply.

Demogorgon's war with Orcus and Graz'zt has been epic in scope. Their armies have clashed throughout the Abyss since the dawn of the tanar'ri race. For a time, Orcus vanished (apparently slain), as did Graz'zt (who was imprisoned on the Material Plane by the archmage Iggwilv), yet never has the Abyss known complete peace from this eternal war.

Demogorgon is served by all manner of demons, some of which (such as the retriever) were actually created by him. Many powerful and unique demons serve him as well, and he commands armies of evil lizardfolk, scheming yuan-ti, sadistic troglodytes, vampiric ixitxachitl, and countless shoals of Abyssal aquatic predators. His close alliance with the ancient demon lord Dagon has provided him with access to Abyssal secrets that the other demon lords could only guess about. The methods of creating the powerful undead warlords known as death knights represent the least of these secrets, yet they are horrific and potent nevertheless.

Worshippers of Demogorgon are more likely to be scaly things that hide from the light than humans or members of other civilized races. Despite his stature in the Abyss, the vast majority of the Material Plane is blissfully ignorant of his existence, yet they know his works, if only indirectly. The troglodytes worship him as Ahmon-Ibor, the Sibilant Beast, and use his teachings to bring vile intelligence and fanaticism to the beasts of the wild.

Yuan-ti know him as Siosivash and raise great temples to him in sunken caverns. The unknownable ixitxachitl are his chosen minions on the Material Plane, and even they dare not speak his name aloud. The rare human cults that venerate the Prince of Demons welcome piracy and cannibalism with open arms.

While humanoid cults dedicated to Demogorgon might be rare, individual humanoid worshippers of the Prince of Demons are more likely menaces. These followers often control the societies they live in or have much influence over those who do. They keep their faith secret from society, and use their power to spread evil and misery in his unspoken name.