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About Dream Coins

  • What are Dream Coins?
    • Dream Coins (DCs) are DM-given rewards for excellent RP. They are not actually coins, but instead stored in a database.
  • What can I do with Dream Coins?
    • You can use DCs to pay for special features and services, such as custom items, visual changes and rebuilds. See this topic for details. You can also use DCs for XP and Gold in game (at the rate of 271,82 XP per level and 500 GP per level). To do this, use your DC Tool on yourself.
  • How do I get Dream Coins?
    • DMs award them for great RP they witness. DMs have slightly different standards, but staying IC at all times and faithfully role-playing a character in the Forgotten Realms setting is the ground from which excellence grows. If you feel you've done great but see no DCs, despair not: there is the inevitable luck factor involved, as DMs cannot be at all places at all times. Use your DC Tool or the DM channel to notify DMs of any great RP you witness, so that we know to have a look!
  • Who can use my Dream Coins?
    • Only you can use your DCs. They are player-specific. You can use any DCs you've acquired on any of your PCs, however. If you have multiple accounts, DMs can move your DCs from one to the other on request. You can use your DCs to buy gifts to other characters, within reason and subject to DM approval.

Dream Coins stuff

  • PC Biography + Voice Set + Portrait change package: Free
  • Removed limb/equivalent small LETO appearance change: 5 DCs
  • Tail: 15 DCs
  • Wings: 25 DCs
  • Glowing Eyes widget: 15 DCs
  • Permanent PC Skinchange: 10 DCs
  • Temporary PC Skinchange widget: 25 DCs
  • Summon Skinchange: 10 DCs
  • Cleric Domain change: 10 DCs
  • Bottled Companion customisable summon: 15 DCs
  • Faerie Fire widget: 10 DCs
  • PLC Group Placer: 1 DC/placeable, up to 10 per widget
  • Item Creator Widget: 8 + 2 DCs/item
  • Sign Widget: 3 DCs

Custom Items:

  • New custom item with properties: DM judgement on basis of power. (Anything from 3 to ~40 DCs. See approved requests for comparison.)
  • Custom appearance, name and description to an existing item: 3 DCs
  • Visual effect + custom appearance, name and description to an existing item: 5 DCs
  • Custom item with no properties: 1 DC
  • Property swap (ie. damage type, skill or ability to another; bar some exceptions): 15 DCs
  • Custom scripting:
    • Items with (combat/game-mechanical) powers: 15 DCs + 1 DC/5 minutes of scripting (”Discofee”)
      • Items with no powers: 10 DCs + Discofee

The table below is slighty outdated, please refer to the list above or ask a dm if in doubt.

Dream Coin Reward cost list
Modification Cost in DCs Extra Requirements ACM 1
First Name Change 3 DCs. Yes.
Last Name Change 3 DCs.
Free when you change house, get married...
Head Change 5 DCs. Head Reference Number. Yes
Minor Appearance Change (skin, hair colour, body size, etc.) Change 3 DCs. Hair Color Reference Number,skin Color Reference Number. Yes.
Tattoo Color 1 DC. Tattoo Color Reference Number. Yes.
Custom Name and Description to Item 3DCs. No.
Cleric Domain Change 10DCs. Done with LETO, requires roleplay reason and story + DM approval No.
Add Tail 30DCs. Story & DM approval (Tail) No.
Add Wings 25DCs. Story & DM approval (Wings) No.
Special Race Free(with exceptions, see the link). Story & DM approval (See here for more information) No.
Property change to item 2 15DCs. No.
Character Bio/Portrait/Voiceset change 5DCs. No.
Skin change (Polymorph Widget) 25DCs. Story & DM approval No.
Custom Skin for Summon or Familiar 10DCs. See Custom Skin No.
Race Change 30DCs. Story & DM approval No.
Custom Item for Role-Play with spell uses 3 DCs and up, depending on the spell.

PnP3 spells; 15 DC and up

Scripted items/widgets Base price 15 DCs + Dev addition for time spent on the item (Such as, spawnable placeables, special effects

or many other things.)

Rebuild Character Levels See Rebuild Page. No.
Custom Weapons, Armour etc. 10 DCs and up, depending on the power of the item No.

1 This modification can be done in the ACM
2 Item Property changes include: changing weapon damages ie) fire damage to holy, positive/negative energy, or slash resist to bludgeon/pierce/cold/etc resist. Essentially, the things that you can't do for an item using the Crafting System.
3 PnP spell is a spell that is not available in NWN game. They can be either roleplayed, or scripted to have similar effect as normal spells. By default as DC items, they are scripted items, or widgets, and cost more. Most every D&D spell can be requested, though we do not grant every one of them. They are discussed and approved case-by-case.


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