Druidic Lifestyle, the Essential Guide

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The Essential Guide to a Druidic Lifestyle

By Nemo, a young Druidic Shifter

*Kazue sighed, fidgeting slightly against the tree that served as her backrest for the time being, and tapped her falcon quill lightly against her chin. She didn't really consider herself much of a writer, or much of anything else really, but it was always so much easier to write down one's feelings onto paper than to speak them aloud. Much, much easier. Besides, she could hardly hold lectures, no one would listen to her, and she hadn't even undergone her trials yet, so discussing everything so formally with the rest of the Druids was out of the question. Kazue sighed again, opening the cover of the small book in her hands, revealing a long series of blank pages, and dipped her quill lightly into the ink beside her. She might as well start; maybe someone would read this eventually. It was worth a try, anyway; she wasn't much good at any of the duties of a Druid herself, but perhaps she could at least help someone else. Though, she could not allow them to know her name, of course. That would be disastrous; she could never handle the ridicule. But she must try, regardless. The quill finally touched the page and Kazue bit her lip in determination as she began to write.*

Prologue ~What does it mean to be a Druid?

“A Druid’s home is an infinite sphere of which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.”

*Kazue sighed, shaking her head at the title of the chapter. ‘What does it mean to be a Druid?’ It means so many things; there are so very many aspects, that it is nearly impossible to put it into words. But she would have to try; after all, she had vowed to write this book, had she not? Yes, she had, and she would not give up so soon.*

What does it mean to be a Druid? So many are confused by our very existence; some see us as defenders of a fading world, others as a militant cult attempting to bring down society. For some, we are a peaceful culture, wrapped in the beauty of nature; for others, we are magical beings who fool with the laws of nature. In some instances, any of these could be correct. And none of them. In my humble experience, being a Druid means finding a niche in nature, a way to serve and protect the world in your own way, without bias or prejudice towards anything besides that which you protect. To be a Druid is to be a protector of the entire world, and yet still the friend of the smallest creature.

It is hardly an easy job, and all too often Druids are misunderstood, our work tossed up as a foolish wish to capture a fading world. But this is the view held by the ignorant; for a Druid, the entirety of nature is our home, and what man or woman has no desire to protect and cultivate their home? To be a Druid is to live in a home without walls, to live in the never ending beauty of a natural world and to be able to call it your home. To be a Druid is also to never be alone. Whether you look to the sky for the call of an eagle, or to the water for the squeaks of a dolphin, or to the earth for the growl of a bear, as a Druid you are always surrounded by life, never alone in a world of unending diversity. A Druid is not just an elevated farmer, or a simple guardian of the forest. To be a Druid is to be a Protector of Life. To be a Druid is to care for the world. To be a Druid is to live in harmony with nature. All of these are true, as is everything before it But it is not the whole of it; it is not the spirit of being a Druid. In the end, to be a Druid is to love nature in your own way, to protect and cherish it as best you are able, to live in harmony with it, but most of all, to accept the natural world into your soul, to love it with all your heart, and to become one with it, leaving yourself to its guidance.

Chapter 1 ~ A Druid's Responsibilities

“Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain.”

((Still in Progress ~ Being Written))