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This is a Human subrace.


The Durpari live in the extreme southeastern part of Faerun. The Durpari value freedom and they have a business like approach to their culture. They are at ease with magic and are warm and friendly. Their approach to the gods of Faerun is a little unusual in that they feel that all the gods are part of a unified life force. Hair color tends to be brown and skin color is olive to dusky, and they tend to be short, standing on average as tall as a Calishite.


Durpari are one of the most accepting group of people in Faerun. Their religion teaches that all is a part of Adama. Their openmindness about other races has helped their business, and Durpari are welcomed in many nations and cities.


Most Dupari believe in the teachings of Adama, which was spread by a wandering merchant. This belief teaches that through honesty, work, and respect, happiness and peace can be obtained.

The Durpari primarily worship five gods, Torm, Waukeen, Oghma (known as Curna), Selune (known as Lucha) and Gond (known as Zionil).

However, while many believe in Adama and tend to worship certain gods, they do not discount or ignore other faiths. The Durpari are accepting of other gods, believing that everyone and everything is a part of Adama, or 'The One' including all other deities.


The Durpari originally were an uncivilized, subjected part of the Imarkai empire. When it fell, the Durpari tribes migrated to the bay of Golden Water. For centuries, they were attacked viciously by the Mulan.

Eventually, the Durpar turned to trade. And as these trade centers flourished, the Durpari became better and better at trading, and the centers of commerce grew. The larger cities and more unifed Durpari also fared better against attacks from their neighbours. Thus, the Durpari lost their tribal heritage and turned to trade instead.


As many of the Durpari rely on trade for their livelihood, almost all of them know how to read and write.

Real life Equivalent

[GUESSWORK] The Durpar do not seem to be really based on any real-life ethnic group. If they were supposed to be, then I think it's not apparent enough to really matter, therefore, do not worry if your character is not close enough to a real life culture. [END GUESSWORK]

Racial Traits

  • Favored class: Bard
  • +2 Cha, -1 Str, -1 Con
  • Bonus feat: Artist