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Only the strong can be allowed to thrive; the weak must be culled
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Region Mainland, Underdark
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Size Small Town
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Religions Lolth, Selvetarm
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Imports Weapons and armor, adventuring- & deep-tunnel survival supplies.
Exports Spider Silk, Silk-based textiles, Elf-Blood Wine
Races Drow
Factions Houses, Academies
Business High-end low economy.
Status Destroyed

General Description

Known as the Chel'el d' Cressen", or City of Webs, because of it's large spider population, Edonil is located deep below Frozenfar in the north, between the Icepeak and the Spine of the World's western tip. It lies slightly farther west than the Northdarks region. It's current popoulation is 1,218 (Incuding spiders, but excluding slaves.)

The caverns where the Chel'el d'Cressen is located are about a half mile at their longest. However, they are built on different layers that lie on top of each other, making it larger than it's numbers might sound. The exact height is currently unknown, and the length and width is expanding as the construction continues.

Currently there are three caverns that make the main city, but the city is growing and spreading out into many smaller caves. There is a lot of room to expand around these caverns, so it has great potential.

Update: The city is no longer in existence. In a climactic battle between the denizens and a horde of orcs and demons led by an obyrinth, the city was overrun.


Edonil was brought together when Ussen d'Vhid and Tinnerai, the two remaining Houses from the destroyed and defiled city of Ultrinnan, fled the wrath of Lolth. The then-first House, Baenre, had been heretical, and allowed a plague, called the Wyrmling Plague, to spread throughout the City. First, the wyrmlings fell. Then, the Drow began growing sick. When it was revealed to have been caused by an aspect of Ghaunadaur, which was poisoning the Temple and the City itself, the Drow picked up and began the exodus to find a new home.

They settled here, deep under the Frozenfar, in Edonil. As always, the power struggles that are the backbone of Drow culture continue, so the rankings change, and change often.

City Ranks

Qu'ellar Ranks

Noble Houses (at time of destruction):

=== Ranks In General=== (at time of destruction)

The Matron of the First House, commonly refered as "The First Matron", the Ust'il'haress holds more power than any other non-clergy, though she is also an honourary Yath'tallar, whether she has achieved the rank yet or not. She is the most clever and cruel woman in the city...for the moment.


The First High Priestess. She is in charge of all goings on in the temple, and is the single highest-ranked person in the City, as she holds the most of Lolth's blessings. Always a female, always a cleric.

Current: Widow

High Priestess. In charge of the goings-on of younger and noviate priestesses, and usually the priestess of a House is a yath'tallar. They report only to the Ul'yath'tallar and their individual Il'haress.

Nizzre'tyne d'My'afin
Jhal'vryae d'My'afin

Priestess. The lowest rank at which one is officially a priestess. She is still in training, but may lead a new Qu'ellar's church, or may replace an old, infirm, or fallen Yath'tallar.

Tagnik'zur d'Vilrath
Mal'arra Ussen d'Vhid
Tal'Vyrae Noqut'tar

Temple Agents of Lolth. These are women who hear the divine calling and answer, but have not yet passed a test to become an official Priestess. They tend the meanest duties of the Temple, cleaning and tending to the small preparations.

El'an Belbol
Arduvylt cyrl'Alaunye
'Trielbaste d'My'afin'
Jul'riia Kil'ani

Spider Guard
Often composed of males with clerical abilities, or even just fighters, this is the Temple Guard. It answers only to the Priestesses and Lolth herself.
Current: Oloth’Sutrinos Streeaka’ael