Electric Castle

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The Electric Castle can be reached from the North end of the Forest of Despair, via a large, semi-glowing, cave entrance. You can't miss it when you find it, the entrance is past a long bridge with glowing rainbow lights.

A Castle owned by Ayreon, a master illusionist Lich. The Castle is well known for being a haven of tricks, traps, and puzzles, and all of them are there to give endless amusement to their creator. For reasons unknown, the mad lich also makes a store of unique magical items available to anyone who is strong enough to pass his traps.

From Corimar, the creator of the Electric Castle zones:

This zone is what remains of an age-old city. Ayreon, the boss spawn, once ruled as Mage King of the city. The city prospered in it's time, on trade and tourism.

Ayreon used to host a sort of Gauntlet challenge, open to all, with a decent reward of gold at the end. This served as the primary form of entertainment, as well as the draw for tourism and trade. However, it also served a special purpose for Ayreon, who would then hire the successful adventurers to journey on quests for him, to aquire rare and secret magical tomes and artifacts, often found in dark and dangerous ruins (hence the need for sturdy adventurers).

As he grew older, he also grew frantic, and somewhat unbalanced, in his endeavours to learn more. Eventually, his "Challenges" grew more and more fatal, as he sought hardier folks to quest for more dangerous or well guarded magical artifacts. With the increase in difficulty, and deaths, trade and tourism dropped off drastically, as adventurers sought more survivable challenges.

Soon, citizens began to move out of the city, and Ayreon grew panicked. In a fit of madness, he entrapped the remaining citizens by collapsing the mountain pass that was the only road. Famine and disease followed, and virtually the entire city died off. Ayreon himself grew ill, and saw only one hope left. He would have to extend his life in the only way he knew. And so he underwent the rituals to turn himself into a Lich. And then he raised the dead citizens of his once great city, and they became his servants.

The city was remade, into a giant maze. The ultimate challenge, in Ayreons view, with the raised dead as the challenge needing overcome, along with finding the pathway through the maze. This was really proof of Ayreons insanity, considering that his city was walled off from the rest of the world, and so no challengers ever came. And so he studied his tomes, and wiled away the centuries.

Eventually, due to erosion, the rocks blocking the pass became unstable, and a fight between two rather large and powerful Displacer Beasts caused a rockslide, re-opening the pass, and once again allowing access to the Electric Castle.