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You have to make a character application in order to play this race.

An elfling is curious and inquisitive; impulsive and optimistic; courageous and tough; and fiercely altruistic. Being the child of a halfling mother, and an elven father, it seems difficult to imagine her doing anything other than adventuring. With high dexterity and a chaotic nature, it is not suprising that elflings are often rogues. Their love of music and beauty frequently leads them to be bards as well. However more than half of elflings become sorcerers, whether as a sole career or mixed class. Adult elflings have a mixture of an elves love of all things beautiful, and a halflings irrepressible love of life. They can be deeply moved by music, and they love to dance. They can also be entranced by any display of fine workmanship and beauty. They have a strong and somewhat cheeky sense of humor, and laugh often.

Elflings are quick to offer their friendship and can often be a little too trusting. They make very loyal and empathic companions, who feel their friend’s physical or emotional pains deeply. They will not leave a friend in danger or in need. They have a strong altruistic drive to help others, and will often give away money or put their lives at risk to help any they meet who are struck down by misfortune.

Males and females both have light skin. It is never as totally white as a moon elf, but varies from a pale cream with the faintest hint of a blush through to a café-au-lait tan. They have laughing eyes in green or brown. Some elflings have the flecks seen in elven eyes, and when light falls on their eyes they can flash gold, like a cat. An elfling has upswept ears, with a smaller lobe than that of a human. The shell can be mildy pointed or it can have the marked point found in a full elf.

Their hair can be fine like an elf’s or thicker like their halfling mothers, but it is always straight. Usually they have black, glossy hair, as this is common in both moon elves and lightfoots. Occasionally their hair is the startling silvery blond sometimes seen in moon elves, but you never see an elfling with blue hair. Male elflings have considerably more facial hair than an elf and often wear the long sideburns so common in Halflings.

Racial Traits

Cross between a halfling and an elf. Small sized creatures, more like halflings with elven traits:

  • + 2 to dexterity - 1 to constitution, - 1 to strength, + 2 to charisma, - 2 to wisdom.
  • +2 bonus on all will checks - although they are foolish and impulsive, elflings are brave and stubborn.
  • Small size. They gain a + 1 size bonus to armour class, a + 1 bonus on attack rolls and a + 4 bonus on hide checks. They must use smaller weapons than humans use and they can only carry 75% of the load a medium sized person can carry.
  • An Elfling’s base speed is 25 ft
  • Low light vision. Can see twice as far as a human in dim light.
  • Immunity to sleep spells. +2 to saves vs enchantment spells.
  • + 1 racial bonus on Climb, Jump and Move Silently.
  • + 1 racial bonus on Search and Spot checks.
  • 50% chance to automatically spot a hidden door without a Search check
  • + 2 racial bonus on Listen checks.
  • + ? racial bonus on thrown weapons.
  • + 2 morale bonus on saves versus fear. Halflings bring up their offspring to be courageous and tough.
  • + 2 to halfling reaction rolls
  • Elflings are always NON-EVIL
  • Automatic languages – Halfling and Common. Bonus languages – Elven, Gnome, Goblin and Orc. Elflings have the same opportunity to learn a language a halfling does.
  • Favoured class. Many elflings have no choice – their high levels of innate magic lead them to be sorcerers. Those who do not follow this path make excellent thieves.
  • +1 ECL